Monday, February 11, 2008

It's not all about you know who - - Let's not forget our children

So that I don't get Peter LaBarbera'ed out and you all don't get tired me talking about him, I want to direct attention to another subject: our children.

It's no secret that lgbts are coming out at a younger age. Personally, I applaud their boldness. I also applaud the fact that they are not settling for being pushed in the background of their age groups and being seen as loner oddballs.

These children are starting GSAs all over the country and they should be supported. There are a lot of intentional misconceptions regarding GSAs. I know I am preaching to the choir when I say that these are not sex clubs, but places where our lgbt children can get support so that they make intelligent decisions regarding sex and all.

I said all of this to spotlight the following:

DeLand High club 'singularly important' for gay students

Staff Writer

DELAND -- One boy whose hair reaches halfway down his back wore a camouflage tank top, light blue nail polish, blue eye shadow and a thick silver chain around his neck.

Another boy with a hint of a Marilyn Manson look donned bracelets, a ring and jet black nail polish that matched his ebony hair.

A girl sported blue and purple hair, striped leggings, a red plaid skirt and a T-shirt with pastel-colored hearts.

It was the weekly gathering of DeLand High School's Gay Straight Alliance, and a girl that probably would have blended in better playing flute in the band or running laps at track practice was so overcome with emotion she burst into tears.

"This is like the first time I ever felt welcome at anything," she sobbed as she blotted her eyes with a tissue. "I know I look like the redneck or preppie girl. That's just classification. My whole life I've been dealing with this. I always feel like the black sheep, even in my family. You guys just accepted me. You make me feel so welcome."

Another girl in the room sighed, "Oh, group hug," and within seconds teenage arms hugged away the tears and the kids offered a compassionate ear and advice only they knew how to give.

The article goes on and is really good. BUT to me, a crucial part of the story are the comments made about the article.

There are many ignorant people in the world as some of the comments demonstrate. But at the same time, there are many who support our children.

Feel free to read and add your support to the GSA.
Peggy Lee said it best: Is that all there is?

Our friend Peter LaBarbera just won't let it go.

In my last post, I talked (on this site also) about how he (with help from Rush Limbaugh) took an award to be given at the Creating Change conference and exaggerated it to the point of lunacy.

At first, the two tried to link the conference (and the Democratic National Convention) to sadomaschism due to the ties of one of the honorees.

Today it seems, his aspirations have gone down.

Peter is no longer linking sadomaschism to the DNC. He just has a clip of Guy Baldwin accepting his award.

Of course I also noticed that while Peter bragged earlier on the fact that Limbaugh talked about his "discovery," he did not link to Limbaugh's article.

Could it be because Limbaugh straight out lied and said the Creating Change conference was an S&M event sponsored by the DNC?

Who knows. Either, I am unimpressed.

Damn Peter, you must be slipping.