Thursday, February 14, 2008

A little ranting and raving never hurt anyone

Nothing specific to report on today. Of course there are a lot of things happening and my fellow bloggers are covering them.

I am in a ranting mood today.

It's nothing you haven't heard before but I want to put things in perspective yet again.

It always amazes me how the anti-gay industry omits the fact that lgbts are raising children and that lgbt children exist. Sometimes this intentional omission gets downright infuriating.

Yes, I said intentional.

I am of the belief that when folks like Peter LaBarbera, Matt Barber, Janet Folger, and the rest sit down to write their press releases and work on their verbal talking points, they aren't looking to relate truth.

They are looking to relate fear and ignorance. And what better way than to consistently push the lie that lgbts are outside the mainstream of America and that we have no love of the simple things like decency and family.

Through their words and deeds, these folks push the lie that the lgbt orientation is not indigent of who we are, but what dirty, filthy, irresponsible sex acts they claim that we partake of.

In pursuit of this lie, they won't even acknowledge our families. And if we even dared to seek acknowledgement for our families (i.e. participating in the annual White House Easter Egg Hunt) then we accused of exploiting our children.

Personally I feel that the anti-gay industry and whomever supports them can have whatever opinion they want about lgbts, our children, and our families. But the facts don't bear those opinions out.

The truth is that there are many lgbt led homes and these homes are doing very well.

And more to the point, for every one person (i.e. Michael Glatze, Charlene Cothran, Stephen Bennett) that Dobson and company can claim "freely walked away from homosexuality," we can produce at least 10 (Barney Frank, Mandy Carter, Lance Bass, Melissa Etheridge, Ellen DeGeneres, Matt Foreman, Bayard Rustin, Barbara Jordan, Keith Boykin, Pam Spaulding, Nadine Smith, etc. etc.) who not only embrace their lgbt orientation, but have been instrumental in changing the world for the better.

This "cultural battle" goes beyond laws and personal opinion. The anti-gay industry deals in lies and deception masked behind religious beliefs in order to semantically force lgbts into spiritual bondage.

To them, we the self-hating disease ridden hedonist seeking physical release in our nation's bathrooms, we are the gender confused man wearing a mini skirt and five o'clock shadow, we are the lonely man-hating overweight lesbian with a roll of socks stuffed down her pants.

And to them, we don't have a right to seek a better and more truthful personification of ourselves.

As they attempt to covertly push this image, they simultaneously try to stop laws that would allow us to thrive beyond these stereotypes while claiming that they don't "hate us, but what we do."

Well I don't like the anti-gay industry because of what they do. It's one thing to believe that homosexuality is a sin and that the lgbt orientation brings nothing but sadness, but to try and quantify this lie through deception and propaganda is not only wrong . . .

But very anti-Christian.