Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Tuesday blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahs

I hate the Tuesday after a three-day weekend holiday.

They always feel like Mondays.

A couple of things today:

Connecticut state legislator comes out, becomes nation’s first LGBT African American state legislator

Connecticut State Rep. Jason Bartlett publicly came out today during a meeting with The News-Times. The announcement makes Bartlett the nation’s first and only openly LGBT African American state legislator.

Bartlett, a Democrat, claims that he has been open about his sexuality with his family, but decided that now was the right time to make it public.

“For me the decision came down to why not now,” he told the paper. “To me this is about having a conversation with my larger family - the people of Greater Danbury who voted for me.”

Bartlett said rumors about his sexual orientation had circulated during past political campaigns.

That is the good news. The bad news? Watch how the mainstream African-American media and possibly members of the mainstream gay community fall over themselves to ignore him.

I guess Flava Flav and Bobby Trendy are so much more better role models.

I told you I hated the Tuesday after three-day weekend holidays.

Ken Hutcherson, who never met a self-aggrandizement he didn't like is attacking a high school GSA.

This is resulting from and incident that took place when he was invited to his daughter's high school to speak on Black History Month. Now one teacher may have acted irresponsibly (by booing him), but I am totally in the corner of another teacher who questioned him on his statements about lgbts.

The teacher was totally in the right to do this. Some may disagree but that is how I stand on the issue.

Long story short, this has blown over into a huge incident, exacerbated by a poster advertising the school's GSA.

Hutcherson has gone on record calling the GSA a "sex club."

And naturally, that "fair and objective news source," One News Now has gone out of its way to not only defend his nonsense but give him a platform (that naturally does not include questions and statements from folks who disagree) to spout his nonsense.

But all is not lost. A group of concerned parents have gotten together and formed this site (you can read the One News Now article (biased editorial) there.

I wish them all of the luck. And I think Hutcherson may help them. He tends to shoot from the hip.

And shots from the hip tend to miss their target but cause a whole lot of trouble.

Meanwhile, how many more of our lgbt children are going to suffer.

I don't want to go into detail about what happened in California because I don't think that I can add more to what others have been saying.

All I am going to do is pray for guidance, control, and intelligence for us all.