Thursday, February 28, 2008

Eight seconds in the echo chamber

Yesterday, I didn't post an entry because I was sidetracked with a touch of the flu.

That doesn't mean that things weren't taking place.

The readers of this blog are aware of my keen interest in a situation in Maryland regarding an anti-discrimination law protecting members of the transgender community.

An organization seeking a referendum against the law apparently got enough signatures to force the vote. They accomplished this by claiming that the law would make it easy for men and pedophiles to enter women's restrooms and locker rooms.

They did this despite the fact that they were told the law would not allow such things to take place.

Almost immediately after they turned in petitions, their credibility came under a huge amount of scrutiny. Local council members went on record saying that the group was misleading people in order to get them to sign the petition.

So the group has now made a claim that they were harrassed by a council member's aide. They even have the alleged event on youtube.

You can see it here.

So was it harrassment? I doubt it. But judge for yourself.

The interesting thing about the entire situation is the echo chamber in which it played. The group's version of events played on World Net Daily, One News Now, and a press release by the Traditional Values Coalition - not necessarily gay friendly places.

And the Traditional Values Coalition was rather ugly in describing the alleged harrasser:

Hillary Clinton She-Male Advisor Harasses Maryland Signature Gatherers

These folks just gotta sneak Hilary Clinton in the situation. Talk about obsession.

And it gets more interesting. Apparently there is a chance that the signatures may be invalid if the petitioners misled potential signers.

It is too early to tell but that lie that bites you in the ass if you tell it long enough sounds like its beginning to sharpen its teeth.