Sunday, March 02, 2008

The heel has become the face

Many who read this blog know that I have a thing for pro wrestling. I guess I love the soap opera quality combined with the wanton violence.

My favorite plot device is the changing of a heel into a face. A heel, in wrestling terminology, is a bad guy or the one who is booed because he cheats.

The face is the good guy who generally plays by the rules and tries to overcome the evil of the heel.

Every now and then, there comes a shift. A heel will be done dirty by other heels and will suddenly become a good guy. And the audience, who once booed him will cheer him with much fervor.

It's amazing how much reality can sometimes seem to be similar to pro wrestling.

Many of you know that I'm not exactly an Obama supporter due to that mess last year with Donnie McClurkin. It's not that I wouldn't vote for Obama should he get the nomination, it's just that I don't fully trust him.

But today, the heel (Obama) is slowly becoming a face in my eyes, thanks to a bigger heel - Kevin McCullough.

For those who don't know, McCullough is yet another one of those "conservative columnists" who are long on rhetoric, but short on facts.

I thought McCullough was busy. Many don't know this but he made a stupid comment about a video a while back and proceeded to get his ass verbally whipped from one end of the internet to the other by the gaming community.

So now he is moving back to the gay folks.

Obama had written an open letter to the gay and lesbian community pledging support.

McCullough responded with a nasty slur that can be seen here.

I will say this - I don't trust Obama totally just like I don't trust any candidate. Our community would be stupid if we blindly followed anyone to the White House. Support, yes. Trust, no.

Politics is a game and like all games, the winning comes with strategy and position, not blind allegiance.

But having said that, McCullough's ridiculous comments can only help Obama.

After all, it has folks like me leaning to his corner.