Wednesday, March 05, 2008

First the good news

We now break from the madness of the anti-gay industry for a nice moment of lucidity:

Apparently the word has come down that the Columbia City Council (located in South Carolina - where I currently reside) has unanimously passed ordinances that prohibits discrimination in housing and public accomodations on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

The laws were presented and passed with very little opposition.

In other words, the Columbia City Council passed a law that keeps people from being discriminated against when they are seeking a place to live or eat, etc.

There was no talk about "being forced to accept homosexuality."

There was no talk of "men and pedophiles invading women's locker rooms and restrooms,"

There was no talk of "churches beinig forced to rent to or hire 'she-males' and 'drag queens.'

This, my friends, is what America is all about.

Now the other stuff

According to, anti-gay industry groups are banding together to protest the upcoming Day of Silence. They are even encouraging parents to keep their children home on this day.

What I want to know is whatever happened to that lovely bullshit they called "The Day of Truth."

This was an attempt to combat the "Day of Silence ." School children were encouraged to "tell the truth about homosexuality."

Of course this translates to reciting anti-gay industry propaganda about gay men and short life spans, probably a little dash of "lesbians have a problem with alcohol and domestic violence," with just a hint of "according to prominent researchers Paul Cameron and John R. Diggs . . ."

Apparently their lies weren't working in that avenue so they are taking a different road. Hopefully it will end up at the same place.

And finally . . .

Box Turtle Bulletin is reporting that Glenn Stanton from Focus on the Family is distorting scientific views.

And this just in . . . the sun is yellow.

Seriously, a Focus on the Family newsletter item said the following:

Glenn Stanton, director of global family formation studies at Focus on the Family, said there’s a clear consensus among anthropologists.

“A family is a unit that draws from the two types of humanity, male and female,” he said. “Those two parts of humanity join together, create new life and they both cooperate in the legitimization of the child, if you will, and the development of the child.”

Now we all know the first rule of dealing with the anti-gay industry. When they make a claim, check on it because it's, more than likely, a misrepresenation or an out-and-out lie.

Well Box Turtle Bulletin did check on Stanton's claim. The site checked with an actual anthropologist.

To read what they found, click here.

This incident will definitely go onto my other site, Anti-Gay Lies and Liars (shameless plug ahead). I will be updating it this weekend.