Tuesday, March 18, 2008

And the foot in mouth disease spreads - this time it's in Oregon

Over three hundred people gathered today at the Oklahoma State House to protest Rep. Sally Kern's dumb comments (that don't need to be repeated because we have heard about them ad naseum). They also demanded a meeting with her.

Naturally Ms. Kern wasn't there.

I am not surprised. Her kind of Christianity wouldn't allow her to be in a situation to admit when she is wrong.

UPDATE - Concerned Women for America rewrite the Bible in order to defend Sally Kern

Concerned Women for America just sent out an absolutely ludicrous press release defending Kern against the group of Oklahomans who gathered to meet with her:

An Oklahoma State Representative is being "jammed" by homosexual activists and a sympathetic media for taking a stand on homosexuality, and she is not backing down. The term "jamming" refers to the public smearing of Christians, traditionalists or anyone else who opposes the "gay" agenda.

Two Harvard-educated marketing experts, Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, authored a book called After the Ball; How America Will Conquer Its Fear and Hatred of Gays in the 90's (1989, Doubleday/Bantam). In their manuscript, they laid out the homosexual lobby's blueprint for success in what is regarded as the handbook for the "gay" agenda.

Oh I see. The lgbt voters, families, and supporters aren't demanding a meeting with Kern because they are angry at her unfair comments branding them worse than terrorists.

They are doing so under the direct orders of a "plan" by national gay headquarters.

Now I get it.

That lie about After the Ball seems to never go away. It continues to be an anti-gay industry talking point, despite the fact that it just isn't true.

But here is the funniest part of the press release:

Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern (R-Oklahoma City) has taken a Biblical stand against homosexuality, and she is being maliciously attacked by militant homosexual activist groups.

Well friends, that was just bound to happen.

Now Concerned Women for America is rewriting the Bible. They have to be because I don't remember the part about gays "indoctrinating" two-year-olds and being worse than terrorists.

Concerned Women for America should just stop trying. The more they defend Kern, the deeper they sink.

Even One News Now and other anti-gay industry groups aren't touching the Kern situation (at the present moment).


Oregon recently passed legislation that prohibits housing and employment discrimination based on sexual orientation, but there is a repeal effort under way, and one of the three lawmakers leading the charge is State Senator Gary George (sen.garygeorge@state.or.us).
The local LGBT publication
Just Out, managed to snare an interview with George, and he had quite a lot to say about the uppity homos . . .

Just Out: What if an employee is fired because of his/her sexual orientation or gender identity? Isn't the Oregon Equality Act in place to guard against such discrimination?

George: As an employer, I don't wanna hear about it. This workplace is for work purposes. My advice to the gay community is SHUT UP, just don't talk about it. If you walk around talking about what you do in the bedroom, you should be on the pervert channel.

Now that's just ignorant but it's nothing lgbts have not had to deal with.

I had a similar problem with a friend of mine at work. When I told her I was gay, she began saying she didn't want to hear about my "sexual exploits."

Despite the fact that she was a friend, I had to set her straight. Saying that you are gay is a matter of being honest. It does not mean that you are all the sudden going to start talking about sexual intercourse.

So many people think that gays in the workplace wouldn't face discrimination if we "just shut up about it."

That would mean of course when our partners send us gifts for Valentine's Day, we either have to be silent in the face of questions (because they will come up when the gifts are seen) or we have to make up some lie about having a girlfriend or boyfriend.

I say why should we. It's our work environment too. And there were times where I was sent flowers and stuffed animals. When I was asked about them, I was honest.

And I never felt ashamed about it.

Also on my job, we have wedding showers and baby showers. And on special days, workers will wheel in their infants, putting everything to a standstill while other workers herd around the baby carriage making cooing noises.

There is nothing wrong with that. And there is nothing wrong with lgbts acknowledging our relationships and families at work either.

Last year I was blessed to receive the Volunteer of the Year award from my local gay and lesbian community center. The writing on the plaque clearly says the words "gay" and "lesbian."

I have that award hanging on my wall at the job with my college degree and other platitudes.

What makes that award different from the others? What makes that award different from an award that another co-worker may receive from his or her church.

Not a damn thing. Putting the award on my wall does not mean I am going to start talking about sexual intercourse nor does it put anyone in a situation where they have to "accept" my gay orientation.

So sorry Rep. George and everyone else who has the ignorant idea that an honest acknowledgement of homosexuality is the same as talking about sex.

Your believing so is YOUR problem, not mine. I won't hide myself or put myself in isolation to appeal to your insecurities.

And no one else should either.