Wednesday, March 19, 2008

It's Wednesday and stuff is going on

The Sally Kern bullshit train rolls on:

“I see no reason to apologize for what God says, that homosexuality is a sin. I will not apologize. I did not say anything false. I did not say anything malicious or hateful. . . And they really want me to come down and talk to them? It would be like throwing myself to the lions."
Oh the poor thing. She calls some of her constituents worse than terrorists and won't meet with them, but it's the constituents who are in the wrong.

How dare they demand to meet with someone who is supposed to protect their interests but calls them names.

What do they think this is? America?

This new statement by Kern is a teachable moment. She said she won't apologize for what God said. Well I rarely get into Biblical discussions, but God Himself never said that homosexuality is a sin. Neither did Jesus.

The supposed admonitions against homosexuality come from Moses, but he also gave certain rules about behavior (i.e. eating shellfish and how women should be treated while having their periods) that we do not follow nowadays.

Supposedly the Apostle Paul also spoke out against homosexuality. But Paul also said that women should be silent in church and gave several statements that seemed to justify slavery.

Lastly, don't even get me started about Sodom and Gomorrah. People take serious dramatic licenses with the story of these two cities. I remember reading a Biblical comic book that inferred children were being raped in Sodom and Gomorrah, even though this idea is not in the Bible.

God never said that homosexuality was a sin, if you want to be technical about it. Some will probably argue against that point and that is their right.

The point is that God never said all of those other things Kern said about gays either. And no matter how much she tries to make this story one about her defending God's word, it just won't play like that.

UPDATE: And she just won't quit

Sally Kern has retained the services of the Thomas Moore Law Center, a right wing organization that claims to "defend and promote the religious freedom of Christians, time-honored family values, and the sanctity of human life through education, litigation, and related activities."

She is pushing the "I'm the real victim here" angle really hard. But the good news is that she may just agree to meet with some gays from her district.

However, get this: the law center is trying to tackle probably the hairiest thing potential Kern defenders have to deal with; her claiming that gays are trying to "indoctrinate" two-year-olds.

The law center is doing this by recounting past incidents in a manner that looks as if gays are in fact trying to "indoctrinate" children:

A 24-page pro-homosexual booklet is set to be distributed to all 16,000 school districts in the nation. The booklet produced by the National Education Association and the American Psychological Association falsely tells students that homosexuality is a “normal expression of human sexuality.”

Every year, homosexual rights groups, with the blessing of school officials, sponsor a “Day of Silence” when students and some teachers in schools across the nation remain silent ? with tape across their mouths ? throughout the school day. This year it’s on April 25. The stated purpose is to make others aware of discrimination against homosexuals. In reality, it is a means of propagandizing and pressuring students to regard homosexual, bisexual and transgender behavior as normal.

In the Montgomery County, Maryland School district, eighth and tenth graders are taught that homosexuality is innate? they’re born that way. As if to underscore the point, students are shown a film instructing them on how to use condoms in anal and oral sex.

Of course the law center's recounting of these events are distorted but it doesn't matter. What matters is repetition. Repeat lies long enough (especially if you have a network of anti-gay industry groups and blogs willing to do so) and pretty soon the lies become truth.

What gets me is how they are trying to blur the lines by saying the following:

“Her comments represent the view of a majority of Americans. All you need to do is look at all of the states that have overwhelmingly adopted constitutional amendments or statutes defending traditional marriages from the homosexual agenda. Christians believe that homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity, contrary to the natural law and under no circumstances can they be approved. However, Christians also believe one must love the sinner, but hate the sin.”

They are being very deceptive here. Now the marriage amendments may have had overwhelming support in many areas and many Americans may feel that homosexuality is a sin . . .

BUT I refuse to believe that a majority of Americans truly believe that gays are worse than terrorists.

Sorry, that is the real issue here. No matter how hard she tries to mask her lies under "Christian beliefs," no matter how hard she tries to manipulate semantics Kern can't run away from her words.

Big props to Pam Spaulding for this update.

And the winner in the category of "geeze he must be running out of material . . ."

Americans for Truth (in name only) has posted a bizarre picture of what it calls "gay terrorist."

I guess our friend Peter is trying to be funny. I'm not really offended by it.

But the word "pitiful" does come to mind.

And I'm not describing the person in the picture.

I just have to brag about my city of Columbia

I mentioned this before, but it deserves mention again. It just demonstrates how awesome my city of Columbia, SC is:

City Council Passes Gay, Lesbian Protection

Columbia is possibly the first city in South Carolina and one of only a handful of municipalities in the Southeast to make it illegal to discriminate against people in housing and public accommodations based on their sexual orientation.

City Council gave unanimous final approval to the protection March 5. At-large council members Daniel Rickenmann and Tameika Isaac Devine proposed it.

The measure makes Columbia one of only three cities in the South that have comprehensive nondiscrimination ordinances, says a write-up on the web site of the Washington Blade gay and lesbian newspaper, which serves the Washington, D.C., area. The other two cities are Atlanta and New Orleans, the story says.

The rest of the story is here.

Just wanted to end this post on a high note.