Thursday, April 17, 2008

Who needs truth when you have an echo chamber?

Editor's note - My mother is doing well after her operation. Thank you all for your prayers.

The war of words between me and the anonymous commentator I talked about yesterday is still going on.

He swears up and down that Letellier is not being truthful in his complaint of distortion. And he even finds time to attack Mitt Romney.

I don't even know how Romney got involved in this situation.

Stubborn is one thing. Pathetic is something else entirely.

But onto something very interesting that a blogger sent me.

The anti-gay industry seems to be having a fight behind the scenes against the Day of Silence.

There have been letters to the editor sent to various newspapers protesting the Day of Silence. The letter are from supposed "concerned citizens."

The letters are in various places - here, here, here, and here.

You can read them all if your stomach allows. But if not, then go here to the American Family Association's web page. It pretty much says the same thing, even using some of the same sentences.

This illustrates how conservative Christians aid and abet their being led astray by the anti-gay industry.

It is apparent that none of these people know anything about the Day of Silence. They probably just heard that "gays are having an event at their children's schools." And rather than trying to find out the truth, they went to a web page that not only exploited their ignorance, but gave them words to say.

And now they are allowing themselves to be used in an echo chamber of lies.

If they have so much of a concern, why couldn't they find their own words?

It just goes to prove that the Day of Silence is not the problem.

Ignorance and fear are.

A big hat tip to Scott in Long Beach for the information.