Monday, April 28, 2008

Day of Silence a huge success despite the efforts of some people

Geez, Peter LaBarbera can lie through his teeth:

Hutcherson Leads 500 Out of School on Pro-Homosexual ‘Day of Silence’

Congratulations to Pastor Ken Hutcherson for showing America how to take on the forces that are stealing the education system to indoctrinate children in left-wing and anti-Christian ideologies. Hutcherson led a full one-third of Mt. Si High School students OUT of school Friday to protest the pro-homosexuality “Day of Silence.”

Peter LaBarbera telling a lie against the lgbt community?

The sun must have come up today.

But I would suggest that folks read the actual article Peter alludes to.

For the record, Hutcherson did not lead one-third of the students out of the school. His protest only had 100 people, which was one-tenth of the number of people he wanted to be there (Hutcherson was asking for 1,000 attendees for his so-called prayer vigil.)

The school reported that 495 students did not attend school, including 85 athletes, who were excused for personal beliefs.

Now it could be that many of the students were trying to avoid the controversy altogether. That is their right. However, for Peter to infer that the students did not attend school to show Hutcherson some type of support is incorrect. The article does not say that these students were showing Hutcherson any support.

Peter intentionally ignored the fact that over 80 parents showed up to give their support to the Day of Silence at the school.

Also, organizers of the event at the school are calling it a success.

And how did the Day of Silence do nationally?

Well check out these links:

275 students participated at this school - Day of Silence peaceful at Desert Ridge High

Hundreds of students participated in North Carolina - Gay rights protest at schools is quiet

And last but not least, my favorite - Record Number Of Schools Observe Day Of Silence

No matter how much Peter and his cohorts try to manipulate the facts to claim that their opposition to the Day of Silence was successful, no one is buying it.

The Day of Silence this year a huge success.

UPDATE - And the lies continue from Peter:

We received a call yesterday from Pastor Ken Hutcherson, who led the successful student boycot of the pro-homosexuality “Day of Silence” (DOS) at Mt. Si High School in Redmond, Washington. It turns out that 638 students out of a total of 1,410 walked out to make a statement against the DOS, not 495 as the Seattle Times reported (relying on Principal Randy Taylor’s count).

Now Peter is inferring that the students "walked out" in support of Hutcherson. The lies keep coming.

Of course rumor control has it that Peter is spinning this story to take focus away from the failure of yesterday's "Day of Truth."

There were no articles or comments regarding just who, if anyone, participated in that mess.