Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Day after the Day of Truth - another Day of Silence

I echo the sentiments of the webpage goodasyou.org:

The so-called "Day of Truth" went by yesterday with less than a whimper. While last Friday's pro-acceptance, anti-bullying Day of Silence attracted considerable attention, there was barely a mention of Monday's anti-gay endeavor on either mainstream or "pro-family" news sites, and none of the usual social conservative groups issued so much as a press release celebrating the event. In fact, a Google News search doesn't turn up even one "DOT" mention posted after 4/27.

I remember how quickly members of the anti-gay industry sent out press releases celebrating the Sally Kern rally.

Maybe they are practicing restraint this time?

I doubt it.

Unless things change, I am going to file the 2008 Day of Truth as a HUGE FLOP.

Please bear in mind that I am not gloating. I had a feeling that this would happen.

The messages the anti-gay industry sent were very conflicted. Was the focus of attention supposed to be on boycotting the Day of Silence or participating in the Day of Truth?

I think that there were some inner conflicts between various anti-gay industry groups and the lgbt community benefitted from these conflicts.

While it is true that our friend Peter is trying to spin Ken Hutcherson's protest into a huge event, no one is really buying that lie.

Both the Day of Truth and boycotting the Day of Silence were failures.

Score one for the good guys.

So what's the next option for the anti-gay industry?

Probably pleading ennui and victimhood:

Illinois, teachers threatened students with suspension and called the Day of Truth a “hazing” incident. A North Carolina school told a student he could not wear a Day of Truth shirt or hand out literature.

In the coming days, we will probably see more of this.

Victimhood is truly the last refuge of scoundrels.