Monday, May 19, 2008

It's never a slow news day when Mass Resistance is around

Apparently the California decision has knocked the anti-gay industry on its ass. It seems to be the only thing many of them are talking about.

And its boring.

But leave it to an organization in Massachusetts to break through the malaise.

I've talked about Mass Resistance before.

They are very shrill group in Massachusetts who are determined to beat back gay rights; so determined in fact that because of their efforts, the Southern Poverty Law Center recently declared them a hate group.

This group has done several things to make a name for themselves (albeit not a good one) amongst the gay organizations in Massachusetts.

Two weeks ago, the gay youth in Massachusetts had a youth pride day, which included a parade and a dance.

Naturally Mass Resistance was there to shoot footage to place on their webpage as an example of the "evil gay agenda."

Talk about shrill:

The state-sponsored gay "Youth Pride" day on May 10 on the Boston Common was even worse than we expected.

But among the most troubling was how the the adult activists incited the kids to "send a message" to photographers they suspected being connected with MassResistance. They whipped the kids into a frenzied, angry state, and as police watched they surrounded, screamed and cursed at, blocked and pushed the cameras, and even assaulted the photographers, including an elderly lady. It was a hideous scene.

And the group even has "footage" of the incidents.

You can check it out if you have the stomach and the time.

But if you don't want to, allow me give you the highlights.

There is no footage of adults inciting children to send a "message" to the Mass Resistance photographers.

The most you ever see is two incidents - one of a young girl holding her coat up in front of a photographer (until she was stopped by a police officer) and an older woman touching the camera while asking the photographer a question (and notice how the photographer freaks out).

There were some teens who came up to the camera shouting slogans and giving comments. Some comments were rather intelligent and not rude. But no teen made any attempts to assault the photographer.

Mass Resistance claims the following:

There were no arrests and no charges of disorderly conduct -- or Civil Rights violations. This would seem to be a very clear violation of the Massachusetts’ Civil Rights statutes. But as has happened so much in the past, normal laws don't apply to angry homosexual activists. They can do what they want.

There were no arrests because from the footage shown by Mass Resistance, there were no incidents that warranted arrests.

My guess is that Mass Resistance has made a nuisance of themselves for so long that everyone knows what to expect from them.

They are like the fly that won't stop buzzing around your head.