Monday, June 02, 2008

Monday Musings

Peter gets nasty

I wouldn't be able to live with myself on a journalistic level if I did not mention this.

Our friend Peter is getting highly desperate in his attempts to demonize lgbts.

He attended the International Mr. Leather (yet again) to "document homosexual perversion."

And this time, he went so beyond the pale that it made me sick.

Apparently Peter took pics of some videos that were allegedly sold at IML, including some involving bestiality and scat (poop videos).

He tried to make it seem that both of those functions were indicative of the lgbt community at large.

Note that we’ve covered up the pornographic images. The bestiality titles (e.g., “Goat Fever,” “Amateur Animal 1,” speak for themselves. “Scat,” according to one online (and sexually explicit) “Robert Scott’s Gay Slang Dictionary,” refers to [*] “A gay male who gets sexual gratification from acts involving faeces.” That is, excrement, which to us at Americans For Truth is proof that Satan is alive and well in this world.

Personally, I've always believed that poop is concentrated evil coming out of a human's butt, but somehow I don't think that its proof of the existence of Satan.

Flatulence is another story.

All I can say is thank God for Box Turtle Bulletin who exposed various interesting aspects of Peter's nonsense:

I was, however, able to find out some interesting information about the videos that Pete highlighted to titilate and horrify his readers. They are heterosexual.

Goat Fever involves a man, two women, and a (presumedly female) goat. Amateur Animal 1 features “A couple with a blonde and german shepherd”. (I’m not providing links but descriptions of these videos are available by Googling their titles).

Neither of these videos involve male-male contact. But you wouldn’t know that from Pete’s posting.

In other words, the bestiality video that Peter is using to demonize the lgbt community stars heterosexuals.

Peter engages in a common anti-gay industry trick: using a sex act to demonize lgbt community while omitting the act that heterosexuals do it also.

Box Turtle Bulletin also said this about scat:

As reader PiaSharn correctly noted, this is not the definition of “Scat”. This is, rather, the definition of “Scat Queen”, Although LaBarbera prefers a definition that starts with “a gay male”, scat is actually a fetish that is practiced among heterosexuals as well and does not appear to be more common among homosexual fetishists than heterosexual fetishists.

Personally the entire thing grosses me out. When I read it this weekend, I didn't want to have anything to do with it. I don't know ANYONE straight or gay who participates in those two sex acts and I don't want to know anyone who does.

But here is what I do know. Peter's latest sojourn is getting ignored. I have looked over several pro-gay and anti-gay blogs and no one is talking about it.

Ladies and gentlemen, I think it's safe to assume that our friend Peter has gone too far. He is becoming a parody of himself.

Becoming a parody? Hell, he already is one.

One News Now pisses me off

Apparently the so-called Christian site One News Now does not like the attention that folks like myself give it.

Not only did it eliminate the section where you can comment on the stories, but it is also doing the following to various sites, like Right Wing Watch:

The other day we noticed that all of our links back to the AFA’s OneNewsNow website no longer take readers to the link in question, but instead redirect them to the Good Person Test (go ahead and click the OneNewsNow link above or any of these other links to see what we mean.)

So instead of being taken to a specific OneNewsNow article, our readers are directed to a website that challenges them to take a quiz to determine if they are indeed a “good person.” Not surprisingly, the answer is “no” and that they are in fact going to hell.

Answer a question about honesty and you are told you are a liar; answer a question about lust and you are told you are an adulterer; answer a question about anger and you are told you are a murderer . . .

Right Wing Watch isn't the only site this is being done to. Apparently One News Now did it to and Pam's House Blend.

Which totally pisses me off, cause it makes me jealous.

I'm not important enough to spook One News Now.

Well if at first you don't succeed, try try again.