Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Herding the sheep through the use of Barackophobia

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama seems to be a popular subject on the phony news service One News Now.

Or maybe a better way to put it would be an "unpopular subject."

In the past weeks, columns and articles have been coming on the site at almost breakneck speed; all issuing an alarming tone that Obama is a sepia Damien Thorne whose possible ascension to the White House will bring forth the Rapture and the Second Coming of Jesus.

Which confuses me.

Of course the notion is stupid, but why are these so-called Christians fearful if such was the case.

I thought they were supposed to be swept up to Heaven when the Rapture does come, leaving the rest of us - the "unwashed sinful masses" - to our doom.

Seriously though, One News Now's tone with these articles and columns only serves to underscore just how Christianity has fallen in this country. One News Now is supposed to be a pro-family site that speaks for traditional morality. Yet, it manipulates its readers with fear:

Meetings with Obama confusing Evangelicals

Add me to the list!

Obama numbered among 'false prophets' (OneNewsNow.com)

Obama, supporters attack Dobson (OneNewsNow.com)

Evangelist questions Obama's Christianity (OneNewsNow.com)

Michelle Obama confirms husband's support for homosexual causes ...

Obama accused of 'dragging biblical understanding through gutter ...

Obama's communist ties investigated (OneNewsNow.com)

If I were to use One News Now as a news source rather than a great source for amusement, I would get the following impressions about Obama:

4. Obama is secretly a Muslim who will make Islam the official religion when elected.

3. Obama took his Senatorial oath on the Koran.

2. Obama is not the anti-Christ, but his election will invite the coming of the Anti-Christ.

1. Obama is the Anti-Christ, and therefore is also gay because the Anti-Christ is supposed to be gay.

Sometimes I get the impression that Jesus is postponing his Second Coming for fear of embarrassement over the mindsets of his "followers."

UPDATE - It seems that my One News Now links went to a Rick Astley video. It has been fixed. You can now click on links and see the One News Now articles.

God help you.

UPATE 2: Apparently it's not taken care of. Figures.

You think I'm getting to them?