Monday, August 11, 2008

How to connect gays and pedophilia without any proof

For the past few posts, I have been on a tear against AFA's One News Now.

But in my defense, the phony news site makes it so easy.

And before today, I feel safe in saying that One News Now has just posted the most outrageous article I have ever seen.

To give the full gist of what I am talking about, I am going to post the entire thing. (I would link it but the lovely folks at One News Now have now rickrolled all of my links from its site. The joke's on them though. Redhaired men are my weakness):

Is the U.N. advocating homosexuality and pedophilia?

Charlie Butts - OneNewsNow - 8/11/2008 8:00:00 AM

The United Nations has granted consultative status to two homosexual activist groups.

For at least a decade now, activist groups have hammered away at the United Nations for recognition -- and they have finally won. Matt Barber of Liberty Counsel finds that unacceptable. "They are associated with pedophile groups like NAMBLA and others, and have advocated lowering the age of consent to levels that would essentially foster pedophilia," he explains.

Barber believes it is wrong to equate homosexual behavior with the color of one's skin, or their gender, and give them special status. "For the U.N. to side with radical homosexual activists, in this case, has only served to further discredit the U.N., and I think it's problematic in further damaging their reputation," he contends.

Activists, according to Barber, will be trying to use the United Nations and the International Court to force their agenda on an international level, including imposing it on Christians who believe homosexuality is a sin.

That's the entire article. No, I did not omit a thing.

The article has absolutely nothing to do with pedophilia, save one ridiculous comment from Matt Barber.

Barber doesn't even make a strong connection between the alleged "homosexual activist groups" and pedophilia.

Hell, we don't even know the names of the two groups.

One News Now, in pursuit of its Bizarro world of credible journalism, is accusing the United Nations of advocating pedophilia just because it gave two gay groups consultative status.

And to compound its error, One News Now lodges the accusation without a: giving the names of the groups and b: showing how the groups advocate pedophilia.

It all goes to prove that if journalistic integrity was dynamite, One News Now wouldn't have enough to blow the wings off of a gnat.

Yeah, I am going to knock out that messenger

Last week, Peter LaBarbera posted more x-rated pictures from Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco (which I will not link to.)

Apparently he did so because a supposed ally called him the carpet for posting his first batch of pictures.

Well today, he claims that he got some positive responses:

While our pathetically predictable homosexual critics played their usual game of “Kill the Messenger” (us), even AFTAH readers — far better informed on the homosexual agenda and GLBT lifestyles than most Americans — were stunned by the public depravities.

I hope that comment was partly directed towards me. The Peter and I argued via email almost the entire weekend about his need demonize the lgbt community through dirty pictures.

I am sure that others gave him hell (as they should have) for his actions. But I am extremely proud of some of the things I wrote him:

The way you presented those pictures do give the connotation that all gays partake in that sort of thing. You NEVER made it clear that you were not talking about all lgbts.

You go to a subcultural festival that, from what I understand also includes heterosexuals, infer it is indicative of the gay entire community and then turn around and say that it was not your intent to do so?

And your words to me further prove how you lie. - "It's a part of your movement."

What is that supposed to mean?

If you want to see a part of MY movement (because you see, I have never been to Folsom), I suggest you spend time with a same-sex led family as they try raise their children in the face of lies like you perpetrate. See the love and support they give to their children.

Go to the streets and see those innocent lgbt children who have been kicked out of their homes because their so-called Christian families have mindsets like yours.

Or better yet, since you love "parades" so much, come down to South Carolina Gay Pride that will be happening on Sept. 20 and feel free to take pictures. I should warn you that we don't do any of that wild stuff you saw in San Francisco, so you probably won't have anything to post to your site.

But you won't do any of this stuff, will you Peter. Reality would ruin the image you are trying to create.

You are a sad messenger. And as a Christian, you are even worse.

If you just relied on Biblical interpretations regarding homosexuality, you would be safe in expressing your opinion. But like Paul Cameron, you add incorrect ugly details. Why? Because you don't trust your own Biblical beliefs regarding homosexuality.

I remember what you said in that "War on Christians and Values Voters" convention in 2006 when you told folks to "bring shame" to lgbts. In your view of a perfect world, when people think of homosexuality, you want them to connotate it with disease, wild sex, big men in leather looking to sneak into schools and rape children or classroom gerbils if the children aren't available, and women who place socks in their pants.

But I have news for you. Look around. No one is buying this image except maybe some of your hardcore supporters and white supremacy webpages (don't act shocked because I am sure you are aware of this)

I don't know you personally, but trust me when I say you really need to step back and look at yourself before you lose the little bit of credibility you do have.

As you can read, it was a really good weekend.