Tuesday, August 12, 2008

It's Tuesday so forgive my tangent

I am enjoying the Olympics. In a perfect world, Michael Phelps would be one of my concubines.

Yeah, I know. I generally don't go for pretty boys but he is such a good son to his mother.

And you know us mama's boys have got to stick together.

One problem I do have with the Olympics are the damned swimsuits. What hell are those one-piece long things they are wearing now?

Whatever happened to the good old days when all male swimmers wore speedos? Hell, if the suits are going to be that long, can they at least be white?

I'm with Huffington Post writer Karen Tanabe on this one:

It's called the Speedo LZR Racer. Credited with dozens of world records, it's not sewn but welded together, was engineered by NASA, produces 38% less hydrodynamic drag than a normal bathing suit, covers from ankle to neck and has all but ruined my favorite spectator sport since I could say "libido": men's swimming.

You have to forgive me but I have special memories that I cherish from the 1984 Olympics. That was when I first began to realize my gay orientation and my gaydar at the same time via two words:

Greg Louganis.

Seriously though, I love how this country develops new sports heroes during the Olympic Games.

I had never heard of Michael Phelps before this week. Nor any of the other swimmers.

And when the track and field time rolls around, I know I will have new heroes.

The only one I am aware of now is Tyson Homosexual.

I mean Tyson Gay. Come on, you know I had to work in an anti-gay industry dig in there.

And speaking of my favorite phony news service, it seems that One News Now has eliminated its comments section.

Now some may say that us "radical gay activists" caused this to happen due to our "jamming" of the comments section, but I disagree.

My belief is that One News Now doesn't want anyone the mindsets of those who read and agree with their articles.

And based on some of their comments, I would be ashamed too.

I am upset though. Reading those comments was half the fun of the site.

Whatever shall I do for fun now?

I would join free republic and post some comments there except for one thing.

The folks on that site are nuts. They would scare Freddy Krueger.