Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Tuesday fall out and other gay stuff

Today's post is dedicated to the memory of Alvin S. Glenn. He was a 29-year Army veteran who served in the Korean War and gave his life in 2000 to protect the citizens of South Carolina.

He was my father and a MAN in every sense of the word.

We have gotten all sorts of positive comments from yesterday's press conference. I also noticed a very interesting exchange on SC Politics Today including the following comment:

Being a sodomite is nothing to be gay or proud of. It's an immoral, disgusting chosen lifestyle. They should be classified with all the other sexual perverts and pedophiles and run out of SC.

Of course I had to jump on the responder in a dignified fashion. One cannot take off one's shoes and earrings in every situation.

The lady's comments don't bother me. For one thing, we have supporters who let her know her comments were stupid (for those who watch Designing Women, feel free to channel Dixie Carter's'pronunciation of the word "stupid").

For another, I like the fact that we are getting the state to talk about OUR issues. Debate is the first step in finding solutions.

And on another front . . .

I haven't messed with One News Now in a while (and when I do, it's only because the phony news service makes it so easy), but something caught my eye.

It seems that a popular gospel singer, Ray Boltz , has come out of the closet. Personally, even though I have never heard of him, I support the guy. He is being honest.

Please take a tip from him anonymous black male gospel singers who shall remain nameless.

Anyway, One News Now is all up in arms about this. Particularly offensive to me is the comment by columnist Matt Friedeman:

Boltz' addiction apparently is men . . .

Excuse me? Boltz came out of the closet. That does not denote an addiction.

It is here that we can see the semantics of the anti-gay industry. It is not enough for them to disagree with homosexuality on a religious basis. With their words (including discredited and misrepresented studies), they try to cast the image that being an lgbt is an addiction.

That's why you hear them talk about the supposed "gay agenda" or the "gay lifestyle."

It reminds me of "welfare queen" or "reverse discrimination."

Not a bad idea on a cynically political basis, but very petty when it comes from supposed Christian people.

As usual, Jeremy from breaks down the situation better than I ever could:

So let's see here: Molesting a kid, uncontrollably wacking it to porn, boozing it up in excess, hitting a crack pipe, burning down a house, having a crippling addition to intercourse, or -- loving someone of the same sex in the way that others love someone of the opposite sex?! These are all birds of the same feather that deserve similar form of address? Wow, we don't know who should be more offended by that: Gay people who know it's far more apt to compare their orientations to their heterosexual peers, or credible counselors and therapists whose authentic work is far too important to be hampered by biased fallacy!

But hey, why choose? There's enough offense in the "pro-family" community's self-created, self-propagated, highly unscientific views to offend multiple groups of people.