Monday, September 22, 2008

SC Pride 2008 - a Monster success

I know, I know . . . McCain's chief of staff is allegedly gay. And this is going to cause a mad blogsphere rush of speculations, accusations, etc.

And you can get the dish on any blog, so allow me to indulge a bit about something that I feel is equally important.

My state celebrated its 19th gay pride and it was awesome. It was largest, most diverse, most enthused crowd of lgbts, our families, our allies, and our children that I have ever seen.

You see, this is the what gay pride is all about; not some subcultural event that our friend Peter will attend in order to demonize the entire community, nor some spooky "other" that other members of the anti-gay industry try to portray us as.

Whether some folks like it or not, we are America. And we are God's children, created exactly as we are supposed to be. Other pictures can be seen here under SC Pride 2008 and Pride 2008. A special no-prize to anyone who can spot me in one of the pictures below.