Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Yes, I like to mess with One News Now but they make it so damned easy

(Presently I am at lunch and thus am making this post at the public libary. I usually post when I get home but I felt I just had to direct your attention to something I read in One News Now. Many are aware of the fact that One News Now made it difficult for me to link to their site from my computer. However, I am unaware of whether that little edict can affect me if I link to their stuff from another source. One more thing - if you haven't read yesterday's post, please do because it has a lot to do with one of the subject of today's post - i.e. repeition of anti-gay lies irregardless of refutations. )

Those who read this blog will probably notice that lately I have been devoting much time to breaking down the lies of phony news services One News Now.

This is true but don't mistake my motives. I am amused that the powers-that-be there made it difficult for me to link to the site.

But that is not why I poke fun at One News Now.

Truth be told, I can't help myself because One News Now puts itself out there with not only its constant easy-to-refute lies, but its stubborn decision to reveal the mindsets of the "Christians" who read the site via the comments section.

Today is a hallmark in One News Now idiocy.

Yesterday, I wrote how the anti-gay industry will go out its way to repeat a negative point about the lgbt community even after said point has been continuously refuted.

And today, One News Now proves me right it an article published, Smoking banned - so why not a more dangerous lifestyle, too?

Of course the so-called dangerous lifestyle is homosexuality (is it just me or are these people easier to read than a Dick and Jane book). But check out this gem from the article:

Diane Gramley of the American Family Association of Pennsylvania agrees that smoking imposes health risks. But she argues that the State System of Higher Education condoned a riskier lifestyle last year when it voted to extend domestic partner benefits -- including tuition and health benefits -- to same-sex partners of faculty members.

According to a press release from Gramley's group, The New England Journal of Medicine reported that men who smoke shorten their lives by up to 7.2 years. But Gramley says according to the Oxford Internal Journal of Epidemiology, the homosexual lifestyle can shorten a man's life by up to 20 years.

The distortion of this study (by the way, the article got the name of the journal wrong. There is no Oxford Internal Journal of Epidemiology. The Oxford study appeared in 1997 in the International Journal of Epidemiology) has been refuted continuously by myself and countless other sources.

Even the authors of the study themselves, in 2001, went on record complaining how their work was being misused by the anti-gay industry.

But of course who cares about truth when God is on your side, huh One News Now.

And if this very bad piece of journalism isn't enough, One News Now compounds the error by their articles about a possible Obama victory in the presidential election:

Could an Obama loss spark race riots?

The article itself is a supreme hoot. Nothing like a bit of inferred racism to get the white folks scared enough to vote against Obama.

But it gets better. Yesterday, One News Now published an article, Political observer: Black voter turnout critical for Obama, that got some very interesting comments by its readers.

Allow me to give you a few choice sniglets:

"How does the black community relate to Barak Obama? He is half white. He was raised white. He speaks real English. He wears two-button suits, and diagonal stripped ties like an old white guy. He's rich. He is not the descendant of African slaves, but a part-Arabic African and a white woman. He has more in common with white people than blacks. African-Americans are grasping at straws with Barak Obama."

"Any votes that goes toward Barak Obama can only come from people that hates the Word of God

"If black voters will pay attention to their "thinking" leaders such as Thomas Sowell, none of them will think about voting for Obama because he is "black". Actually, people in Kenya say he is more Arabic than black and more "white" than black. I received an email from a missionary who has been to "his native village" in Kenya and states that Obama went there to request voodoo curses be hurled at McCain's campaign so that he can be elected. There is more to Barack Hussein Obama than meets the eye. Also most people when they convert from Christian to Muslim will take a Muslim name (ie Cassius Clay to Mohammed Ali) and the same is true of Muslims who convert to Christianity. So why did Barry Sotero change his name to Barack Hussein Obama?"

Gotta love those "Christians."