Thursday, October 02, 2008

UPDATE: I'm glad that's over

The debate is over and I am full of ribs and macaroni.

My thoughts - Palin will be declared the winner solely on the point that she didn't faint at the beginning. I actually think she did well at the beginning but as time ran on, Biden started zeroing in on her and she began to channel Tina Fey. I got a little confused as to who was debating Biden.

I am sure there will be sheafs of written copy and volumes of words said, but for my money, I came away with the belief that she needed to do better than adequate and she was unsuccessful.

Another update - Stith admits error.

I am eager (very eager in fact) to jump on the anti-gay industry when they distort and lie about lgbts.

But what about when one admits when he or she is wrong?

In my defense, I cannot remember when this has ever happen; that is until now.

Last week, I wrote about a controversy involving the distortion of research by Dr. Francis Collins.

Today, one of the principals involved, Bob Stith of the Southern Baptist Convention, sent a letter to Ex-Gay Watch apologizing for the misusage for the work.

Not only does he get kudos for doing this but he also gets special pat on the back for saying that he does not use Paul Cameron statistics.

Pardon for the short post today but I am in a rotten mood.

And it has nothing to do with the election or the debate later tonight (which I will be posting on later).

Bad moods happens to everyone and I am no different. So I will try to make myself feel better by making a huge pan of bar-b-que ribs.

Meanwhile, don't give up on me yet. Look to this site later for my thoughts about the debate.

But until then, look at the following for very good reading material regarding what's going on today:

One News Now declares Biden as debate winner before it even takes place

Those lovely transphobic liars in Maryland dealt another kick in the teeth (and you would think that it would put me in a good mood)

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