Monday, October 06, 2008

Damn the skies, watch the smears

Just something that I have noticed:

Saturday - Sarah Palin accuses Barack Obama of "palling around with terrorists."

Sunday - GOP announces lawsuit against Obama for illegal "foreign contributions"

Monday - One News Now runs article talking about "pro-Obama" registration in mosques.

Tell me again how John McCain and his cohorts want to talk about issues. Apparently the issue that most interest them is character assassination.

Paging Paul Cameron, paging Paul Cameron

The chaplain to the London Stock Exchange is under pressure to quit today after demanding gay men should be forced to have "sodomy" warnings tattooed on their bodies.

The suggestion is contained in a series of comments on the internet blog of the Rev Peter Mullen.

The Bishop of London today branded Mr Mullen's comments "highly offensive" and Stonewall, the gay rights charity, said he should resign.

Mr Mullen, 66, wrote on his blog: "It is time that religious believers began to recommend ... discouragements of homosexual practices after the style of warnings on cigarette packets.

"Let us make it obligatory for homosexuals to have their backsides tattooed with the slogan SODOMY CAN SERIOUSLY DAMAGE YOUR HEALTH and their chins with FELLATIO KILLS."

Jeremy from covers this story with his usual excellence.

I am personally speechless.