Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Thoughts from Obama vs. McCain II

I have never seen my mother so interested in an election. But it's starting to get scary. When Tom Brokaw wouldn't allow Obama to respond to a McCain attack, she screamed at Brokaw to let him finish.

She hasn't shown that much intensity since she stopped watching pro wrestling. I had to remind her that Tom Brokaw wasn't Ric Flair.

McCain should not tell jokes. Those were the flattest moments of the debate.

And you just know that I simply have to talk about THE MOMENT.

I really didn't catch the impact of McCain's "that one" line. Shows you how dense I can be. It wasn't until that five minutes later when it was posted as a clip on my favorite sites that I realized just how much impact the line will have.

And it did, particularly amongst my fellow African-Americans. There were times during the day in which I forgot exactly what McCain said due to hearing constant interpretations of from fellow black folks.

It all came down to the same principle: they were insulted by the inference. As one of my friends put it, "you just know McCain wanted to say "that little ni . . er over there."

Personally, I think McCain got caught up in the excitement and was trying to be witty. But these things do have a habit of taking on another life.

And I do remember cosmically hearing two sounds when McCain said "that one."

One was the sound of numerous black women snatching off their earrings.

The other: the last little bit of good will the Republicans had with the black community going down the drain.

But basically it was a good night for Obama. Which means things are going to get more nastier than they were before.

Heck, it's starting now:

MN radio host Baker goes 2 for 2 - boosts video of pastor calling Obama's mom 'trash'

McCain rally speaker refers to Obama's middle name

The upcoming election is the most critical election in the history of our nation. The very future of our nation’s foundation is at stake. Every person will be affected. If the liberals win, then our foundation will no longer be based on the traditional Judeo-Christian morality. It will gradually but assuredly be based on an ever shifting, ever moving foundation. If the liberals win, the damage can’t be stopped with elections two, four or forty years from now. America will forever be changed. We will keep seeing a gradual and growing hostility toward people of faith, especially Christians. The morals of our nation will continue to decline. Our children and grandchildren will pay the price. - American Family Association in a fundraising email sent to me

All I can say is keep your fingers crossed and your nose plugged locked in tight.