Wednesday, October 15, 2008

UPDATE - It's over and I am so glad

Say what you want, but Obama played a smart game tonight. McCain was obviously trying to rattle him, but with no success.

I think the victory belongs to Obama but since the spin was on "McCain HAS TO DELIVER tonight," I am sure much will be said about his "feistiness."

Sorry but he came across partly as a gassy grandfather who whines too much. And what's the deal with those sounds he kept making when the camera wasn't focused on him.

One last thing - that Joe the Plumber is kinda cute. After tonight, he will be PAID.

I wonder does he like black guys?

Last debate - Thank God

One more debate between Obama and McCain and I am on pins and needles.

Desperate people do desperate things and that being the case, all bets are off regarding what McCain will try tonight.

I have faith in Obama, though. Probably his greatest asset is how he is underestimated.

But I am worried about the tone of this entire campaign.

Today, a friend of mine at work told me something disturbing. While he was at the fair he had heard a comment from someone about taking an Obama poster and using it for target practice.

Based upon the things I have heard going on around the country, I don't think anyone can take this lightly.

The tone of elections in this country got extremely ugly when Clinton was elected. It wasn't about electing someone whose policies would better suit the country. Thanks to the religious right and their cohorts, every election seems to be a mini episode of Star Wars where the United States stands on the brink of annihilation if the right person is not elected.

And it's getting uglier.

But concerning Obama, there is a elephant in the room that no one wants to address - race.

Whether we want to admit it or not, there are a lot of folks who have lost their minds over the idea of a black man possibly becoming president.

And I think we need to admit that to ourselves.

But we won't. Because in doing so, we have to face up to the darkside of America, i.e. our history of racism and violence committed in the name of ethnic supremacy.

It gets white folks defensive and black folks angry.

But sooner or later, we need to address it.

I just hope nothing drastic happens that makes us have to address it.