Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Election notes from friends

I am burned out.

So instead of writing a post, I am linking to several articles about the election that I think will interest you all.

Go Obama!!!

NY Post Smears Michelle Obama With Caviar (the New York Post writes something negative about the Obamas? We must be in planet Earth)

Chuck Todd: There's a "tenseness" between McCain and Palin (trouble in paradise? More like trouble in hell)

Blithering Idiot Watch (first Michelle Bachman and now this. I'm starting to love Chris Matthews . . . . I don't mean on a physical sense, you dirty minded individuals)

Bachmann Doubles Down: ‘Barack Obama’s Views Are Against America’ (Can this woman make up her mind? She can always say that Chris Matthews is using mind control on her)

GOP donors critical of Palin's pricey threads (come on now. sista gotta get her hair did and her clothes tight)

One word - OUCH!! (feel free to pass this one around)

Study: McCain coverage mostly negative (nobody's fault but his own)