Thursday, October 23, 2008

Peter LaBarbera's friends are our best allies

I think our friend Peter LaBarbera takes pride in the fact that sometimes he exasperates a lot of people.

To me, its not his tendency to intentionally ignore lgbt families while seeking leather daddies in the corners of the latest Folsom Street festival.

Nor is it his desire to reduce the richness and the history of lgbt lives to stereotypes about anal sex.

It is his tendency, as it is with the rest of the anti-gay industry, to repeat a point continuously even in the face of it being exposed as a lie.

But he more than makes up for it by the company he keeps.

Like the lastest screed for Proposition 8 in California, What ‘Gay Marriage’ Has Done to Massachusetts, he placed on his webpage.

There is no need to rehash it. It's the same crop of lies that the forces for Proposition 8 have been repeating over and over again. The ole "gasp and swoon, children are going to be forced to learn about homosexuality if we don't do something" lie.

Which by the way has been debunked. However, when have the anti-gay industry ever let the truth get in the way of a good talking point?

The piece is by Brian Camenker, a phony pro-family activist in that state. To put it nicely, Camenker has done more to help the cause of lgbts in Massachusetts than any group or organization.

His organization, Mass Resistance, is a laughing stock of Massachusetts. Forget the "gang who couldn't shoot straight," Mass Resistance is the "gang that continuously shoots itself in the ass."

They have accused gays of everything from attacking their members to stealing their credit cards.

And they have this bizarre (but fun to watch) tendency of accusing everyone of a conspiracy when they don't get their way. Subsequently, they have alienated just about everyone in Massachusetts; Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, zipoids, wastoids, smurfs, elves, pixies, etc. etc.

They even got on Mitt Romney's bad side. And that simply amazes me.

And lest I forget, they are behind the David Parker controversy, including conveniently being there when Parker was arrested while at the same time feigning ignorance of the entire situation. By the way, Camenker continues to spin the Parker controversy in the piece.

To get a good idea Camenker's mind, check out this transcript of when he appeared on Comedy Central's Daily Show:

Ed Helms: So the quality of life has decreased?

Brian Camenker: Yeah.

Ed Helms: Homelessness gone up?

Brian Camenker: I could, you know...

Ed Helms: Crime rates?

Brian Camenker: Crime rates?

Ed Helms: Air quality?

Brian Camenker: I mean, let me put it this way, I could, if, I could sit here, and I could probably, you know, find some way of connecting the dots to gay marriage, to all of these, if I had enough time, and I did some research.

Ed Helms (voice-over): Yeah! Why take time to do the research, when saying it is so much faster!

Falsely blaming gays for everything? I can see why Peter thinks of him as the most principled and effective pro-family advocate in (the People’s Republic of) Massachusetts.

Of course Peter has gone on record calling a racist Anti-Semite a "pro-family advocate," so his embracing of Camenker isn't unexpected.

But you know what, Peter? Continue your behavior that you probably do not necessarily in truth, but in spite.

But don't forget to bring along your friends. They more than make up for it.

Mass Resistance Watch is the premiere site in all things regarding Mass Resistance. Big ups to them on the work they do.