Tuesday, October 28, 2008

And now a bit of lunacy brought to you by the religious right

With the election fast approaching, the word has come out that the religious right have opened all cynlinders of attack on Obama.

Fine by me. Let the world see how morally empty they are.

But just in case we need a few reminders, check this little tidbit out from People for the American Way.

This lovely bit is via our favorite female nut, Janet Folger (now she is known as Janet Porter. I am NOT going there):

Vote for Obama, Go To Hell

I would say that girlfriend has lost her mind, but based on Janet Porter's (when she was formerly Janet Folger) past behavior, I can't help but asking was she born with a few fries short of a Happy Meal?

And lest we forget, how about a couple of articles about Obama via the "Christian" One News Now:

Obama interview points to 'Marxism' philosophy

Obama's socialist past explored further

McCain must state obvious: Obama is a socialist

News media in bed with Obama?

And you gotta love these comments:

"That's exactly what I've been trying to tell people. I can't understand why he's so popular. Why can't everyone see what he wants to do to our country? I believe he'll turn our country into the next Russia, China, or Cuba. Socialism will not work in our country. There is too much greed and too many lazy people who expect the government to hand them everything. The few of us that try to make something of our lives will end up losing our savings so that the government can coddle those that don't deserve the car they drive. I already know plenty of people who abuse the welfare system and get away with it."

"Socialism is coming. America is already leaning too far left and will continue to do so. And one reason is Christians are lazy. A few work their hearts out while the rest are content to set in the pews. Redistribution of wealth should be through opportunities not taxes. But when Christians will not even do what it takes to start businesses and gain wealth then no one will. Stop burying your talents and start putting them to work."

"I hope America comes to it's senses and quickly. Obama is rushing everyone to vote early. He is so scared that more and more of his platform and ideas will be researched and people are going to see that he is not the savior/superstar that he appears to be. If they vote early, they can't change their vote. Like sheep to the slaughter...."

"It's true that the media once was in favor of McCain when he was running against real conservatives. Now with real conservatives out of the Presidential picture, McCain is running against their Messiah and McCain is now the bad guy. As far as the media is concerned, the earth is tilted on it's axis to the left. It's a garrantee that they will be on the left side of any issue. Remember the two little guys, one on each shoulder, that try to influence the way you think. They have earned the left shoulder...you know the guy with the the little red tights wispering the words Obama, Obama..."

"The very worst part of all of this bias is that the truth about Obama's history is not coming out and there are only scattered stories about his oppressive ways when it comes to his campaign. We need honest news, not dishonest and scheming twisting of words or mudslingling when it has no newsworthy purpose. There are very few reporters on TV or in print whose bias in favor of Obama is not clear, and they are downright vicious when it comes to McCain and Palin. Only one source, one speaker on Christian radio gave the complete story about who is who about Palin's accusers in Alaska. It was a very interesting and clear story, but never heard anyplace else."
"I am a Christian and also Barak should be on the FBI most wanted list. He is running in our country based on lies that have been proven. He has proven to be unpatriotic, a liar, and we are not even sure if he is allowed to run in this country! But being "in bed" with the media is what is helping. They can report any way they want, even if its lies, and they do just that. It is getting to close to the election to be playing games. The truth, the whole truth and nothing BUT the truth needs to come out about this Arab! And FAST! Not that it will be reported and even then they will make sure his silver tongue (with smoke breath)will sound like someone being "picked on" by other races. Thats how he plays! God help us all!"

"I don't believe I've ever witnessed a more deliberate attempt by the media to promote their liberal agenda than during this Presidential campaign. What I don't understand is the ignorance of the American people. Have our morals deteriorated to the point that we no longer value human life, that we no longer care whether we live in a democracy, that we no longer care who a Presidential cndidate associates himself with as long as he does something for the economy? To me, as a Christian, the choice is clear. I vote according to what the Bible tells me is right or wrong. I honestly don't see how anyone calling themselves a Christian could vote for Barack Obama."

"Does this actually surprise anyone? He is the liberal media's "Glory Boy" you can read about him in the book of Revelations. This election was bought and paid for months ago. God help us all."

"We may be beginning to pay the price for our rejection of the Lord. The recent collapse of our economy, the pain at the gas pump, terrorism an ever-present possibility, etc. Yes, we are beginning to reap the results of our rebellion."

"When a person refuses to swear in on the Bible and disrespects our U.S. Flag then that person should not be qualified to run in any election much less the President of The United States. Come on America THINK!"

"The "main stream" media has lost most of it's credibility among most folks who don’t lean left. Their subscriptions are in the tank and worsening monthly. They know they are on life support. Their only chance at resuscitation is to usher in their savior; Obama, for he bringeth forth the “fairness doctrine” to maketh all things fair again, like it was before “Talk Radio” when the only truth was what the 6:00 News said it was. Lord Obama, please maketh all things fair again…"