Monday, November 03, 2008

Night before 2008 election - Mother gets a call from Joe the Plumber and other interesting South Carolina happenings

I am so glad this is almost over. And I will be ecstatic if and when Obama wins. My fingers are crossed and I won't be in the mood to celebrate until he hits that magic 270 number.

My mother on the other hand, is mildly pissed. She got her first robocall today.

Some recording from "Joe the Plumber" (though not the original Joe the Plumber but one from Rock Hill - ugh I feel like I'm talking about that 80's rap singer - Roxanne Shante, not the real Roxanne but the Real Real Roxanne) called to say that Obama will raise taxes.

It's not the fact that she got a call that bothers me more than the way she said "Joe the Plumber."

Between you and me, I am glad that it was a recording and not a real person. If it were, I would be bailing mother out of jail for yanking someone through the phone.

And there have been other "interesting" incidents which lead me to believe that the Republican party is a bit more worried about South Carolina than they let on.

For the past few weeks, I have heard ads on black Gospel radio stations from Senators Lindsey Graham and Representative Joe Wilson encouraging black voters to "split the ticket."

I believe one of the phrases were "no matter who you vote for as president . . ."

Keep in mind this was going on at the same time that Graham had been campaigning for McCain.

Robocalls and ads encouraging voters to split their ticket and not vote all Democratic but no words about supporting John McCain; things may get interesting in this state on Wednesday.

Although I won't hold my breath, it is a delicious possibility to consider.