Tuesday, November 11, 2008

And it begins - One News Now and Peter LaBarbera attacks the transgender community

I said it yesterday in my blog post and today I see it is happening.

Let me recap.

The religious right are scared over an Obama presidency and the positive possibilities it may have for the lgbt community.

So expect them to batten down all of the hatches and pull out all of their lies about hate crimes legislation, gays serving openly in the military, ENDA, and non-discrimination ordinances in general.

With non-discrimination ordinances, they are going to try and exploit ignorance and fear about our transgender brothers and sisters.

I see from an item on LaBarbera's Americans for Truth (in name only) web page and the One News Now webpage, they aren't wasting any time:

Americans for Truth - Will big-boned men in dresses and high heels like this fellow be allowed to use women’s restrooms in federal buildings under the Obama Administration? That’s what Obama’s plan to create “rights” based on gender confusion might bring. Obama’s pro-transsexual agenda — he favors federal rights based on “sexual orientation” and “gender identity” — was never discussed or debated seriously in the election campaign.

One News Now - Peter LaBarbera, president of Americans for Truth About Homosexuality, says Obama's new non-discrimination policy will be an "open door" for gender-confused and cross-dressing federal employees. "What's the Obama administration going to do to protect women in federal restrooms?" the activist asks. "Since men [wearing] dresses apparently are going to be protected under gender-identity provisions, what about the women in the restrooms in the White House and other federal buildings? What's going to be done to protect their rights?"

Apparently Obama's election has afforded Peter the privilege of getting around more than a whore on payday.

So expect us to hear more about the transgender community in lucid and ugly terms.

Oh brother.

Listen, the question here is not whether anyone approves with being transgender or not. So be careful not to let Peter and company turn it into that.

The question is should lgbts (and that includes transgendered brothers and sisters) be able to function and do their job without fear of discrimination.

And if Peter and company want to bring up the issue of bathrooms and such, let's make them be specific about it.

Starting now.

I know my blog preaches to the choir but just in case there are any opposition folks out there who read it, I dare you to challenge me on this point:

The bathroom issue is IRRELEVANT. The bathroom issue is a scare tactic brought up by the religious right. There has never a problem of women having to fear for themselves if someone transgendered used the bathroom.

And also, as I said yesterday, several cities (including my home city of Columbia, SC) has passed ordinances such as these. And there has NOT been any problems with bathrooms and the like.

Other than trying to exploit fear and ignorance, what concerns are reasonable about the bathroom argument?

I await your answer, even though I won't ever get it.

Peter is scared that he is being watched

Speaking of my friend LaBarbera, he has another interesting item on his webpage. Apparently a gay man wrote wannabe "Christian activist" and all-around nutcase Linda Harvey and said the following:

Comments: You are very much being watched! All you jeebus-lovin-christers rights will slowly be taken away one by one the more you try to press your beliefs down our throats. Beware. We are everywhere and you will never know it. Watch your mouth. Watch your actions. We are watching them my friend and we are many and we are rich and we are very well educated and very powerful.

Peter makes the comment sound ominous.

Oh please. Peter, I am watching you. I am watching Harvey. I am watching One News Now and the rest of the religious right.

Just like you watch us. Cause if you didn't, you wouldn't have any items to lie on us about.

Hell, Peter, you have made a career out of watching us and taking pictures no less.

For you to complain that a gay man has written saying that he is watching you or anyone else on your side is yet another sign of your hypocrisy.