Thursday, November 13, 2008

I don't care what Elton John said about Proposition 8

But first, an interlude:

I see that the phony news service One News Now are hiring black columnists. First Thomas Sowell and now Larry Elder.

For the record, Elder and Sowell are two black conservatives whose opinions are bought and paid for with Republican money.

They are a part of a cadre of black conservative writers and thinkers who, as Joe Conason paraphrases, settles in a clique amongst themselves and whines as to why black people in general don't give a damn about their opinions.

One would think that they were hired to exploit the alleged Proposition 8 divide between the lgbt and black communities. However I doubt this.

We now have a black president and even before he was elected, One News Now was doing its best to paint him as the younger brother of the Anti-Christ, if not the Anti-Christ himself.

So now they are apparently hiring "black conservatives" who will do their dirty work on Obama, or at least give One News Now some form of cover when they do another anti-Obama hit piece.

Larry Elder's inital column is a perfect example of what I am talking about - They shilled for Obama

Now for the main course:

Singer Elton John has weighed in on the Proposition 8 controversy and he wasn't exactly nice to the Proposition 8 opposers:

"What is wrong with Proposition 8 is that they went for marriage. Marriage is going to put a lot of people off, the word marriage."

Now some folks are upset over this. Those who support Proposition 8 are using his comments to further their cause.

But you know what? Regardless of what John would have said, even if his words were a forceful indictment of Proposition 8, I wouldn't have given a damn.

Does Elton John even live in California? Does he live in America?

Please understand that I am not trying to put down Elton John for voicing his opinion. But I just get sick and tired when our community flips out over the lastest verbal pronouncement of an lgbt celebrity.

I have seen it too many times before: a celebrity whom none of us really gave a care for comes out and all of the sudden, he or she is anointed as our new spokesperson and we hang on their every word as if he or she is Moses coming down from Mount Sinai.

You think we would have learned that lesson with Lance Bass.

Just because someone has a successful talk show, is a successful actor, or a successful entertainer is no reason to make them the new gay spokesperson.

The glare of visibility does not magically make someone golden nor does it make the words flowing from their mouths sound like tinkling brass.

I hate to say it but this automatic canonization of lgbt celebrities reveals a certain degree of laziness. We should not want our spokespeople to be like instant food where you just have to add water.

We need to build our spokespeople from our own personal communities. We need to mentor and educate those who can and will lead us into the future.

And not just the pretty boys or those who fit a successful social strata. Some of us unconvential divas with bad credit and low income can also shake the world up if we are given the tools and the chance.

So let's start building leaders from the bottom up rather waiting for them to come from the top down. (and that's my Obama reference for today).

And above all, let's stop getting ourselves in a knot over what Elton said or what Melissa said or what Ellen said.

I mean it!

I ain't playing, y'all! (and that's my Boondocks reference for today).