Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year !!! . . . and other stuff

2008 is almost over. I plan to spend the time counting down in the solitude of my home in hopeful peace and quiet.

I haven't been in the party mood for years; although I do remember a wild New Year's Eve party ten years ago when I attended Winthrop University.

Shut your dirty mind because it wasn't that type of party. The most you can do when you are the only gay in a heterosexual fraternity is get drunk, dance badly and pass out on the floor.

Which is what I did. Glad to say that I wasn't alone. We all passed out on the floor eventually.

Ten years later, I face 2009 with more of a clear head and optimism.

Incredibly this year, this country elected our first African-American president. Yeah I know - the Rick Warren thing.

But that aside for a second, it's still a remarkable acheivement that I thought I would never see.

And despite the Warren thing, I remain hopeful that an Obama Administration will be good for lgbts. Bear in mind I did not say good to lgbts.

I said good for lgbts in that we get a lot done.

So Rick Warren aside, let's work on getting our goals met rather than how far we can throw out the baby with the bathwater.

Enough preaching cause I know some of you probably don't like what I just said.

The following links are a reminder of just who our real enemy is:

Study: Family behavior key to health of gay youth - This study repeats the same thing many studies say about lgbts and behavior. It is how our families and society treats us that can lead to positive or negative behavior. How long will it be before the religious right distorts this study like the others?

Advocates fear attack on gay adoption by Louisiana lawmaker - The very idea that Lousiana Governor Bobby Jindal puts Family Research Council head Tony Perkins on a committee that could look at gay adoption and families just proves that he has no place NEAR the White House. You will remember that the FRC is the organization that once housed those Paul Cameronesque studies about gays and pedophilia.

Lesbian couple wins suit against Methodist camp - One News Now starts early work for a 2009 Misinformer Award. The article omits the part of the story about the tax breaks. Unbelievably, those posting comments didn't let One News Now forget.

Well that's it. Maybe Mr. "I want you, I need you, I gotta have you now" will show up at my door tonight.

Either way, Happy New Year and above all, be safe ;p.