Thursday, February 12, 2009

The American Family Association's fascination with fradulent documentaries

I haven't seen in yet but I'm sure the American Family Association is cooking up a response to a Michigan TV station putting the kibosh on the showing of Speechless: Silencing Christians, a one-hour piece of propaganda pushing the usual inaccurate talking points of an anti-Christian conspiracy on the part of lgbts.

I find the entire thing interesting because Speechless was made over a year ago and had been shown on "Christian" stations. In addition, it is offered on youtube and also on the AFA's webpage .

So to make any inference that the program is being censored would be a lie.

I guess it speaks to the audacity of the organization. And it fills me with dread.

How many other stations have been asked to run this mess? And how many of them will comply?

And then I am bothered by something else. On the AFA's webpage is the video It's Not Gay.

This video supposedly tells the story of "ex-gays" or people who feel that they have been delivered from the alleged "homosexual lifestyle" through the power of God. Featured in the video (and he is on the front cover) is a man named Michael Johnston.

Johnston was a prominent ex-gay spokesperson who claimed that he was delivered by God after catching HIV. However, in 2003 it was discovered that he was having clandestine sexual encounters with men in hotel rooms.

Since that time he has been been sequestered out of the limelight.

This isn't the first time Johnston has come up. Wayne Besen exposed the story. Box Turtle Bulletin exposed the story. Countless bloggers have continued to talk about the Michael Johnston story from time to time.

But the AFA continues to sell the tape even after its errors have been pointed out.

So this organization, which seems to have no problem selling a fradulent dvd, is complaining that the are being silenced because they are Christians.

Well if this is the way the AFA spreads the Gospel of Jesus, they have bigger problems than so-called "radical homosexuals." And maybe any resistance they are running up against is God's way of telling them to stop their nonsense.

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It's All Love said...

From my experience, many of the Christian leaders that I have had dealings with seem to operate from an "end justifies the means" philosophy. As though, if you're "doing the work of God," lying, misrepresenting, kidnapping, sequestering are all legitimate tactics for having it their way. I know there are plenty of honest and compassionate Christians in the world, it just doesn't seem that many of them are in positions of leadership.

Check out the work of BeyondExGay and Soulforce...both of these orgs are working hard to end religion based oppression of LGBT folks and support equal treatment for all people.

Peace - Bill