Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday news briefs

Gay marriage bill passes Vermont Senate - Yaaaay!!!

Yea, 'Wash Times'? It's only his donation that bears mentioning? - Oh look - the pro-Proposition 8 folks are lying (again).

Most of the Seventh Grade Will Be at the Commitment Ceremony - This is an excellent article.

Notre Dame Unleashes a Fury - Some people don't want President Obama to speak at Notre Dame. In their defense - just does Obama think he is? The president?

UK PREACHER: STONING GAYS IS OK - But if he is punished for it, then he is a victim of "political correctness."

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Charles said...

Alvin, I seem to remember one of the Ivy League universities protesting a speech by President Bush to the point of turning around their chairs as Bush made a speech. At that time I thought that they should at least respect the office that he holds. I have the same feeling about Obama and Notre Dame.