Friday, March 27, 2009

Peter LaBarbera exploits Weber murder case

An ugly murder took place recently. Unfortunately it's nothing new - murders take place all the time and all of them are ugly in their own fashion.

But this one was especially ugly. A former newsman, George Weber, was stabbed 50 times allegedly by a teenager he met on Craigslist.

According to reports, Weber had been looking for someone to choke him and engage in oral sex. He didn't know that the young man was a Satanist with a propensity for violence.

Peter LaBarbera has been exploiting the situation for his own purposes.

So far he has featured two consecutive posts about the crime spouting his usual unproven nonsense:

Folks, the greatest threat of violence to homosexual men comes from … other homosexual men. The stabbing murder of WABC reporter George Weber in New York is a terrible tragedy and yet it is instructive about the perils of promiscuous “gay” life. There is simply nothing that approaches the deviance of male homosexuality — especially at its sexual fringes — as other victims of gay-on-gay violence over the decades testify from the grave.

The second post featured an absolutely ridiculous comment by another so-called former gay, D.L. Foster (the interesting part put in bold by me):

“I probably will get hate mail for saying this but this type of hookup culture is common in the homosexual world. Another guy in NY who did the same thing was murdered. And yes heterosexuals do it too, but no matter what type of sexual proclivity it is, SIN leads to death. The best course of action is to get out of the deadly sin business and live for Christ.“

Let's be honest.

Had Weber been a heterosexual and his murderer been a teenaged girl, neither Foster nor LaBarbera would have given a damn.

In LaBarbera's posts, I saw the usual stuff - the lie that the lgbt orientation is indicative of hedonism, the lie that "you can walk away from homosexuality," the ugly innuendoes that lgbts aren't capable of having health relationships or families.

But one thing I did not see, and this bothers me, is concern for Weber and his family. No words of condolescences, no comments of concern, no words of encouragement. Nothing.

It's almost if LaBarbera went through reports of the crime drooling while he thought up the ways he could indict the lgbt community for Weber's murder rather than young man who possibly committed the crime.

LaBarbera's vile behavior is no different than a racist who will count how many black men were arrested for crimes on the evening news so that he can talk about it the next day on whatever white supremacist forum he is a member of.

I could easily say that the heterosexual community isn't blameless in this situation because after all, the alleged murderer has a girlfriend.

But I won't play that game.

Nine years ago I lost my father, Alvin S. Glenn, to violence.

Trust me when I say that for the family of the victim, the anger and feelings of helplessness never completely go away.

I pray that justice is served for Weber and his family can find some sort of peace after this awful incident.

I also wish that LaBarbera, for once, would have shown some taste and discernment.

Or at least acted like he gave a damn about the person rather than his "cause."


PersonalFailure said...

The most dangerous time in a woman's life is when she is pregnant. Women are many times more likely to be murdered while pregnant than at any other time in her life.

Why isn't this asshat warning us of the dangers of heterosexual sex or pregnancy?

Anonymous said...

Hello and I completely agree about Peter Labarbera. It was as if he took joy that a gay man was killed and that he could use it to further his cause. I am a mix between hatred and sadness for this man who spends day/night looking for ways to tear down the glbt community. He is a disgusting example of a so-called christian.

tcs3600 said...


By far, the greatest threat of violence to women is their heterosexual male partners ... so women should just stop having boyfriends and husbands?

Don't married women also have shorter lives than single women? Hmmm. Sounds like a harmful behavior that needs to be stopped.

Scott said...

How low can Porno Pete go?

Somebody should contact the family of the victim, and direct them to the articles.

This is the same reason why I'm working on an online "memorial blog" of Jeffrey Dahmer's victims. Not all of them were gay, and I'm sick of people like Peter and others like him exploiting Dahmer's victims, as if they're objects and not humans.

To them, those 17 men and boys are nothing more than numbers, for them to exploit. They don't even know the victim's names, much less know they were people and had families and friends too.

Buffy said...

I wonder why Petey never says anything about heterosexual men and their propensity to use prostitutes for sexual gratification. Oh yeah, he's completely obsessed with gay men and gay sex. That's why.

Charles said...

Why do so many women continue to go back to their abusive husbands? ..... and, men do the same thing by going back to their abusive wives. Perhaps Pete needs to go to his local singles bar that is made up of heterosexual divorcees looking for a hookup.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this LaBarbera person obsesses so avidly on the fact that guys can make each other feel good by sucking each others wieners, and that women can do something like it for each other. He spends so much time and money on the issue. Is it really anger and indignation or supressed desire and frustration? Maybe he should tone it down a little before even the slower witted of his legions begin to suspect what is so obvious.