Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Peter LaBarbera 'enters the youtube era'

Again that piece on the American College of Pediatricians is going to have to wait because the following is just too juicy not to comment on:

Somedays I hate technology.

Like this morning for example when I logged onto the Americans for Truth webpage (some people drink coffee to wake up, I like to laugh) and saw that Peter LaBarbera has posted footage from the 2009 Chicago Pride on youtube.

Interestingly enough, unlike LaBarbera's past photo footage of prides, the Chicago event seems relatively tame.

LaBarbera even has to manufacture some ridiculous claim that gays marching in the parade are anti-police via footage of a sign by some of those marching. Of course LaBarbera didn't think to question those holding the sign as to what it meant.

I guess he figured why take a chance on ruining a good innuendo.

LaBarbera's "entry" into youtube has both negative and positive repercussions.

The negative being we can expect to see more footage from other events posted on youtube complete with LaBarbera's "editorial comment" and innuendo.

The positive repercussions are that now we have another avenue to point out LaBarbera's blatant homophobia. And we also have the opportunity to tell him know what we think about his demonization of the lgbt community via ratings and comments just like we did with NOM's "Gathering Storm."

That is until we scare him so bad that he disables both.

I say let's start now. I've already given my rating and comment.

UPDATE - First Peter disables the comments and ratings. Now he has made the video "private," which means it is only viewable to those he chooses to show it to. But you can still watch the monstrosity on youtube.

I view this as a success. We made him pull a full retreat. And please bear in mind that no one tried to keep him from showing his video. But if he is man enough to demonize the lgbt community videowise then he should be man enough to put up the comments and ratings. (Editor's note - By saying this, I am not defending any ugly or threatening comments directed towards LaBarbera.)

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Bill S said...

How do you give someone a "below zero" rating?

BlackTsunami said...

LOL. I'm not sure that you can but you could make a note that you wanted to in the comments section.

Joe Brummer said...

I am concerned by the intro Peter is using for AFTAH. What is that shape in the background of the name of the org? Is that a knife? A gun?

The first 11 seconds set the tone for what Peter is doing. That intro scares me because I am betting Peter doesn't realize the violent nature of his messages about gay people, so he also isn't aware of the hidden and sublime messages that come out of his brain. I doubt it was intentional on Peter's part and either way, it is there.

Anonymous said...

140 views and the comments are already disabled. Gee.

Christopher said...

"Adding comments has been disabled for this video."

Why does that not surprise me? God forbid we actually have an honest debate about the content instead of having it preached to unwary viewers as indisputable.

BlackTsunami said...

Joe, with Peter there is no telling what was on his mind. I'm surprised he didn't have a background of cavorting gay men.

BlackTsunami said...

Then anonymous, we are successful in our endeavor! It just goes to show that folks like Peter only want to trumpet their lies without the courtesy of a verbal blowback from the people they are demonizing.

Anonymous said...

Pete's website says that the video will be updated with "some adjustments." Anyone know what that's supposed to mean?


BlackTsunami said...

With Peter, you never can tell. LOL

Anonymous said...

It apparently means that it will not be viewable unless you "friend" him. He's made it semi-private. That way he can whip up a frenzy of hate in private.

Bill S said...

What sort of desperate, lonely person would want to be friends with this guy?

Phil said...

I watched the first few seconds of the video (mostly the text part). Peter is awfully good at leaving out critical information. The Chicago Police Dept. would be handling any murders in the City of Chicago. The Cook County Sheriff manages the jail, and crime in unincorporated Cook County.