Thursday, June 11, 2009

Thursday midday news briefs

Those who followed my last post by now know that the discussion between me and the "sanctified lady with the stripper hat" has taken a weird turn.

She pulled the "gay sex is harmful and gay men eat feces" card out of her stripper hat. Yeah, she went there.

So subsequently, after informing girlfriend as to how her comments are no different than those of racists against black folks, I have decided to stop responding to her nonsense. I figure I got my points across and her comments accentuate my points.

Anyway, on to news briefs:

Five alternatives to another LGBT March on Washington - a good post from a good friend Matt Comer (the guy in the picture with me) via Pams House Blend.

Lesbian senator votes against Jesse Helms resolution - Alright, girlfriend!

Gay and Lesbian Adults More Likely to Read Blogs and Use Social Networking Tools - I sincerely hope so! I've been at this thing for almost three years and my face, hair, and nonexistent social life have been suffering serious neglect.

Why Miss California really got fired - Parts 1, 2, and 3 - I know, I know. I am SUCH a tool. But this needs to be shown because you just know that NOM and company are going to make Prejean into a martyr:

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StumblingBlock said...

The sex-girl ad at the back half of each of those videos was annoying, but I know that's not your fault. The video itself of the interview was informative. Wondering what the YouTube user thinks they're doing.

Otherwise, I'm ashamed to admit, as much as I want the story to die already, where does the new girl stand? But it's much more "presidential" so to speak for her to focus on unifying, not dividing, so it's best not to ask.

And yes, your argument with the fundie was just LOLworthy... as all arguments with such people are. I have them all the time. I love documenting the wackiness. Do it all the time at the StumblingBlock.

Charles said...

In the comments section of the article they get into a discussion of Helm's lesbian granddaughter, who is an elected judge in North Carolina. From what I have read, he knew that she was a lesbian and supported her anyway. Sometimes fact is stranger than fiction.