Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Tuesday midday news briefs

I'm still having those email conversations with our friend, Peter LaBarbera. However, I don't think our exchange is going well for him. He called me a "twit." I'm offended. He called Pam Spaulding and Jeremy Hooper much worse.

Gay marriage will pass state Senate, says Manhattan Sen. Thomas Duane - We can only hope.

Cheney Comes Out for Gay Marriage, State-by-State - Emperor Palpatine comes out for marriage equality? Paging Rod Serling!

Indiana removes gay white men from HIV/AIDS funding priorities - What the hell!

REMINDER: First-ever UAFA Senate Hearings this Wednesday 10:00am - Keep your fingers crossed on this one.

Obama declares June 'LGBT Pride Month' - Okay I know I'm going to catch a bit of hell for being so late on this. Other blogs covered this yesterday. However, my blog is different. I'm focusing on the issue from the lying perspective of One News Now. The comments are a hoot!

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Charles said...

I guess that we have a disagreement over Cheney. Cheney stood by Pete Williams, his Pentagon Press Secretary, in the early 1990s when Mr. Williams was outed. And, Cheney has stood by his lesbian daughter.

BlackTsunami said...

what about the rest of us who aren't friends with him or related to him?


Charles said...

I seem to remember that John Edwards and John Kerry tried to stir the anti-gay vote within the Republican Party, using Cheney's daughter. It was one reason that Bush/Cheney won the 2004 election.

Much to the chagrin of the Obama Administration. Cheney has become an effective defender of the Bush Administration. He has not retired from the political scene and his current stance on gay issues will have good implications for the gay rights movement.

BlackTsunami said...

Charles, you are my friend but you are living in a parallel universe. It would be ironic and very inaccurate to say that Bush won the election due to Cheney's defense of his daughter when a lot of folks were pushed to the polls to vote against marriage equality.

And how in the heck is Cheney an effective defender of the Bush Administration? His approval rating was almost as low as President Bush's. But I guess when your likability is in the toilet, the fact that you rise a little above the water is an improvement.

But seriously, Cheney is not effectively defending the Bush Administration. A lot of Republicans wish that he would go away. Also, Cheney's effect on gay rights will have as much effect as Borat's ass landing on Eminem's face.

Charles said...

Cheney's position is not new news. To follow is a link to an MSNBC article from August 2004. Today even Obama takes the position that marriage should be between a man and a woman.


I respectfully disagree with you on the effectiveness of Cheney's defense of the Bush Administration policy on the War on Terrorism. Only time will tell on this issue.

BlackTsunami said...

It would have HELPED if Cheney had taken a stronger position on this WHILE in office.

and about Cheney's effectiveness, it isn't very effective to take a position totally opposite of the one you held while in office - i.e. connection between 9-11 and Iraq.

But getting back to the original point, Cheney's defense of his daughter had nothing to do with Bush's re-election in 2004

Charles said...

"It would have HELPED if Cheney had taken a stronger position on this WHILE in office." - Alvin

The Vice-President is not a very powerful post............as Joe Biden is learning even at his advanced age. If Obama does run for re-election I would hope that Obama finds a better President-in-waiting.

Obama is my President and he is in my prayers.

BlackTsunami said...

I don't think Biden cares about "power" unlike Cheney. Cheney did a lot to increase the power of the vice president to his liking.

Charles said...

Bush respected Cheney and was in his inner circle of advisers. Cheney did not usurp any powers held by the President. Its my opinion, that any person who declares they would like to be President has some type of personality disorder. But,then, the country needs people who desire the power and the abuse that comes with the office.

BlackTsunami said...