Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Wednesday midday news briefs

In economic downturns, anti-gay wrath seems to be the one sure bet - Hey American Family Association, I am a "radical gay activist." If I start a company, could I get you to boycott. It would be good for business.

Exclusive: 'Pregnant Man' Gives Birth to Second Child - Wait for it. The religious right will soon have a fit. I know they are foaming at the mouth at Free Republic.

NC: Stop the bullying - the School Violence Prevention Act heads to final House vote - Let's keep our fingers crossed on this one.

Woman launches legal battle after son is placed with gay foster parents - This article cheeses me off. If this woman doesn't want her son placed with gay foster parents then perhaps she should step up and take care of him herself.

GLSEN founder -- suitable for Safe Schools leader? - And the religious right continues to attack Kevin Jennings. I envision "that letter" asking President Obama to dismiss Jennings to come any day now. I will be paying attention if this story continues.

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