Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Call your Senators! We can pass hate crimes legislation!

No funny quips tonight. Only prayers that the Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Prevention Act passes.

As I understand it, our opposition has put out a video featuring Harry Jackson and a few others (including my senator, Jim DeMint) telling lies about the bill.

Let's not forget who this is about:

Contact your Senator at 202-224-3121. Go here for more details.

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Matt Algren said...

I've got my senators' direct lines and I'll be calling in the morning, but, and I hate to be Debbie Downer over here, I just don't think my phone call will make a difference.

I have one Democratic senator who I'm pretty sure will vote for us (he's the one I'll make sure to get to) and one Republican in his last term who is a co-sponsor for the Centaur Prevention Act. I got an email reply from my House Rep the other day (replying to the phone call I made way back when they were voting on it in the House) telling me that the hate crimes bill would protect pedophiles.

I have a modicum of influence with one of them, but the other two are a lost cause. They aren't paying attention and just parrot the talking points of the Republican leadership.

On top of which, President Obama has already said he'll veto this bill because it overspends by $1.2 billion on fighter jets.

BlackTsunami said...

you think you got it bad? I have Senators Lindsey Graham AND Jim DeMint.

Your House representative is irrelevant seeing that it already passed the House. Ain't life great?

One more thing - the fighter jet amendment has been dropped -

Matt Algren said...


But the amendment that was pulled was to strip the F-22 funding. It's still in there as of this morning.

BlackTsunami said...

Well the only things we can do is pray and keep our fingers crossed ;p