Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'Christian leader' Micheal Brown answers my blog, plays the evasion game

Michael Brown, director of director of Coalition of Conscience and leader of the protest against Charlotte Pride last weekend, doesn't appreciate what I wrote about him in a yesterday's blog post.

You will remember that I called Mr. Brown to the carpet for talking about how he loved the lgbt community while at the same time repeating some of the ugliest religious right pieces of propaganda.

Most specifically, I pointed out how he claimed that there was a plot by the media to obscure the homosexuality of Frank Lombard, the Duke University official who was recently arrested for molesting his five-year-old black son.

Brown and I had an exchange. And as you can see, his answers leave a lot to be desired:

Michael Brown :


A quick note from Dr. Brown here. First, just a reminder that I'd love to take you for lunch the next time you're in Charlotte. The invitation stands.

Second, I'm quite baffled by your charge of hypocrisy. I've been forthright and consistent in the five years I've been addressing these issues in Charlotte. . .

I have consistently said that the church has often been insensitive to the struggles faced by LGBT individuals, and that we have sinned against you by making homosexuality out to the worst of sins, and I apologized for that (publicly, in 2006, 2008, and 2009).

I have consistently proclaimed God's transforming love to the LGBT community in settings too numerous to mention (most recently at Pride Charlotte).

And I have consistently stood firmly against many of the goals of gay activism.

What has now been revealed that wasn't known before? Where is the hypocrisy? I'm genuinely baffled by the charge.

You can question my love, doubt my sincerity, call me an enemy of your rights, judge me however you choose -- but to charge me with my hypocrisy? Really, Alvin!


Your statements speak for themselves. And by statements, I mean your original words to the media, especially concerning the Frank Lombard situation.

I wanted to clarify that because I noticed in your long comment to me just now, you did not address what you said regarding the alleged conspiracy by the media to not call out Lombard's sexual orientation.

How convenient of you.

Michael Brown:

Alvin, I do not have the time to interact with your entire post, so I focused on your headline, exposing its falsehood. So, please drop the "how convenient" stuff, OK?

As for my statements, yes, they speak for themselves, loudly and clearly, and so there is no hypocrisy or duplicity, only forthright speech.

As for the Frank Lombard situation, I agree with what Dr. Mike Adams and others have pointed out in their writings on the subject.

Just for the record, a friend asked me to take a minute to respond to your article here after he spotted it, and I was happy to do so, but I don't have time for extended dialog in this setting, especially when your whole premise of "hypocrisy" is false. Talk about headless monsters! How about meaningless headlines?


Mr. Brown,

You haven't exposed anything but your duplicitous nature. My headline speaks for itself but your evasiveness gives it creedence.

Don't blame Mike Adams or anyone else for what you said regarding the Frank Lombard situation. Again, I notice how you are not willing to talk about the lie you repeated about a media plot.

Your comments were false, totally un-Christian, and by their very nature insults the same sex parents who go far and beyond the call of duty to provide for their children. Furthermore, your continued sad attempts to sidestep your comments reveal not only to me but to everyone else who reads this blog as to how utterly false your declarations of love for the lgbt community are.

Again, how very convenient.

So there you are, dear readers - the words of a man who will not only lie on the lgbt community, a man who will talk about how he loves us while implying about plots to cover up the molesting of children.

And when he is exposed, he doesn't do the Christian thing and apologize. No, he continues to dig that hole deeper.

Michael Brown is not only duplicitious. I now consider him pitiful.

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Anonymous said...

Otty Sanchez is being charged with capital murder in the slaying of Scott Wesley Buchholz-Sanchez, who authorities found decapitated and grossly mutilated in a bedroom of her sister's house early Sunday. Police say Sanchez chewed off three of her infant's toes and ate parts of the brain.

She was a heterosexual woman with christian values.

Perhaps Dr. Brown would like to address the media blackout with regards to this story.