Monday, July 06, 2009

Monday midday news briefs

For those interested, I have updated the timeline on my Anti-Gay Lies and Liars webpage to include events happening in 1986, 2000, 2007, and 2009. Chief among them - Dick Hafer's hateful anti-gay comics, The "Fistgate" nonsense, the James Holsinger controversy, and various things happening this year including Carrie Prejean and NOM, Jim DeMint's lying letter, and various attacks on Kevin Jennings. Pan down to the timeline to see the new entries.

Her name is Candi, but her agenda couldn't be less sweet - Ugh. Another anti-gay spokesperson. The lgbt community seem to collect them like roaches. I don't have the strength so Jeremy, she is all yours.

Washington's Bishops: Repealing Domestic Partnerships is "Justified Discrimination" - Justified discrimination? Are they serious? Who gets to decide that sort of thing?

Sports Figure Latest Victim Of Ugandan Anti-Gay Offensive - Kudos to Box Turtle Bulletin for keeping this issue in the forefront.

FACT CHECK: The Right-Wing Smear Campaign Against Kevin Jennings - ThinkProgress to the rescue and not a moment too soon either.

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