Thursday, August 20, 2009

Videos, blogs key to exposing religious right lies

You've probably already seen this video by Rob Tisinai on how the Traditional Values Coalition manipulates numbers on hate crimes.

If you haven't, take a look because it's an awesome breakdown. If you have, take a look again and jot down some notes.

Not just on what Rob is saying but on what he is doing.

It's the key to what I have been talking about. In exposing the lies of the religious right, we need to break it down on a level that calls attention to how they distort data.

When we appeal to the emotional or religious level, we give them an out. It's easy for the religious right to say "we don't hate you, just your sin."

But very few times (if any at all) have they been confronted with the facts on their reliance on junk science or the manipulation of studies.

And the point is not to convince them that they are wrong. I'm sure many religious right organizations intentionally distort facts and figures.

The point is to bring attention to what they are doing. The point is to put it in the public eye. When I write on my blog, when Rob creates his videos, when the rest of us bloggers and youtubers do our thing to bring attention to the lies of the religious right we aren't doing it for their courtesy or benefit but to put something out there to counter their nonsense.

It's like I have said before: sometimes we think that responding to their lies is beneath us. And this frame of mind has allowed them to go unchallenged as they have built up a wall of lies about the lgbt community.

Now we've got to break down that wall - all of us.

I would love to see more efforts like Rob's video. You can view his entire collection here.

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Bill S said...

I did see this before, but it's always worth showing again.