Thursday, September 17, 2009

Religious right makes bigger deal with the devil and other Thursday midday news briefs

Dobson, Malkin, and the Merging of the Right Wing Movement - Sort of makes ya sick, don't it? Not me. The bigger the target, the more accurate the blow. Dobson is selling the little bit of soul the religious right may have.

Proudly Changing My Position on DOMA - Congressman admits goof on DOMA vote. Well at least one of those supporting it back then is admitting the goof.

Murder underscores anti-transgender violence in D.C. - More attention needs to be devoted to ensuring the safety of our transgender brothers and sisters.

Kidman Plays Trans Artist - Yes that's Nicole Kidman. Oh joy. rapture.

Murphy expects House hearings on DADT repeal in early 2010 - It ought to be very very interesting.

Atlanta Eagle Raid Cops: “More Fun Than Raiding N***ers With Crack” - Uh, excuse me!

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