Wednesday, September 16, 2009

South Carolina Pride coverage brings out the homophobes

There is no doubt that last week's South Carolina Pride was a huge success.

We even had coverage by the news media, as seen by this video via WLTX News 19:

But with all good things comes other things you have to keep one eye on.

We had very few protestors at the event, but some folks got angry that News 19 even dared to cover South Carolina Pride. The feedback page is full of interesting comments. Not all comments were anti-gay but here are a few of the funniest which were not necessarily lgbt supportive (Editor's note - I made no changes to spelling or syntax):

A few dozen people gather in Finley Park, LTX gives it instant coverage.
One democrat today said possibly two million people marched on Washington to protest big government spending and LTX has no article. LTX your true liberal side is showing. By the way LTX, I see no new article on Sanford today, either.
What's up with that?

SHAME, SHAME, SHAME on Colunbia and South Carolina. Just remember friends, Judgement day is just around the corner. REPENT today while you still have an opportunity. He who has ears to hear let him/her her what God says about the heinous sin of this kind of sexual immorality. May God forgive us all.

God does love everyone. But when he created Adams mate he did not name her Steve. It was Adam and Eve. Not Adam and Steve.

I don't agree with this. God made Adem and Eve not Adem and Steve.This is wrong and I belive it makes sc look sick for suporting this if you are gay fine why do you have to put it in the open. I dont see a festival for straight people. I guess the straight is like white people we are the minority. blacks have the NAACP and gays have a yearly festavail what does the white and straight people have?

Gay Pride in South Carolina. Leave these liberals alone because they have rights too even though I loathe the ground they walk on.

They should have held this at a rest area restroom. I wonder how many blow jobs were administered in the tunnel next to the park. Sick twisted freaks. (Editor's note - by this commenter's profile picture, I guess he doesn't care for African-Americans either.)

As you can read, we've got work to do in South Carolina.

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Buffy said...

blacks have the NAACP and gays have a yearly festavail what does the white and straight people have

Mardi Gras.

Charles said...

I have gotten to the point that the some anti-gay folks just need to be politely ignored.