Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The tea party idiots - will they go after the lgbt community next?

Watch this footage and feel free to laugh or shake your head. But remember one thing:

If these folks can be easily manipulated against President Obama, just think how equally easy it can be to manipulate them against the lgbt community.

The move from "save our country from socialism" to "save our children from perverts" isn't such an impossibility when one takes into account the ignorance and gullibility of these folks

And also some people's eagerness to exploit these protests when talking about ENDA and DOMA.

It's definitely something for the lgbt community to think about and be prepared for.

Hat tip to Americablog.

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Phil said...

Is there really any doubt they will?

Buffy said...

Of course. They're just part of one big, ignorant mass who all do whatever the Telescreen and talking heads tell them they must to prevent Awful Things from occurring. This month they're fighting "socialism", birth certificates and taxes, next month they could easily be in the streets rioting over Teh Homosexual Agenda. (Not that small groups of them aren't already doing that in states where marriage/domestic partnership bills are on the ballots.)

Anonymous said...

Where do you think they learned how to shut down democratic debate? They are the same people that were allowed to challenge the rights of lgbt individuals.

Anonymous said...

be quiet tea party idiots, obama is not a muslim, abortion is not murder, god will not destroy san francisco because of gays and statutory rape is not rape-rape. end of the story

Liberty Hops said...

For those who know what complete DIP$#its these Tea Party CLOWNS really are, may I faithfully submit;


Grace said...

omg. These people don't even have any idea what they are mobilised for. Just out to make noise and be pests. Man, are they for real? The crap they spout makes me sit, mouth agape, at what has become of the American unwashed masses. You guys really need to address education there... or this is what the future looks like. Ye gods. It's just scary.