Friday, October 16, 2009

Exodus International, Bill Donohue, a recap of anti-Kevin Jennings lies, and other Friday midday news briefs

Does Exodus Support Criminalizing Homosexuality? - It's a good question that consistently needs to be asked.

Bill Donohue: gay adoption "against nature," Catholic Church has homo, not pedophilia problem - Mercy, just whose side is this man on? Every time he opens his mouth, he helps us look good by comparison.

FRC's single-minded obsession is what should really go! - Why should FRC try to get their shots in on Jennings? They've already got 53 phony mouthpieces in Congress.

Louisiana magistrate denies marriage license to interracial couple - And let's not forget about this lovely story.

Release R-71 signatures, court says, but appeal planned - This is good news!

And finally, I want to take this time to recap the latest lies regarding Kevin Jennings:

House Reps have a problem with gay appointees but not with anti-gay hate groups

Rep. King's office knew charges against Jennings were false BEFORE sending out letter

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