Monday, October 05, 2009

Fox News corrects inaccurate Jennings article. Politico does the same

The Plum Line is reporting that Fox News has issued an online correction of the Kevin Jennings article, making sure to include information to include the defense of the young man (Brewster) whom Jennings supposedly gave advice to in 1988. The statement is important because many have accused Jennings of "condoning statutory rape:"

When Jennings was a young teacher a teenager confided in him about having sex with a stranger and Jennings didn’t report it to authorities. Jennings has said he regrets his actions.

The “statutory rape” charge is based on the assertion that the kid was 15 years old at the time, a claim
originally floated, wrongly, by Jennings himself, and continuously amplified by Fox News and the right even after it had been corrected.

On Friday Media Matters
produced what it said was the kid’s drivers license, showing that the kid was 16, legal age of consent in Massachuttes, and also produced a Facebook exchange that seemed to show that a Fox News reporter had been informed directly by the kid himself that they’d misrepresented his age.

Fox News has now issued an online correction.

Plum Line now asks a very appropriate question: since Sean Hannity heavily pushed the claim of statutory rape, will he make a correction.

In that same vein, I asked the exact question about the site Politico. In a recent article, Glenn Thrush said that U.S. Rep. Steven King (R-Iowa) was demanding Jennings' dismissal.

Thrush, unfortunately, pushed the inaccurate claim that Brewster was 15-years-old.

I emailed Thrush informing him of his error and he has updated his article making the change.

Editor's note - Those who want to aid Jennings can join the Support Kevin Jennings facebook group. It refutes all of the lies lodged against him.

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