Monday, October 12, 2009

Harvey Milk gets his day and other Monday midday news briefs

Gov. Schwarzenegger signs gay rights bills - Harvey Milk gets his day!

HRC Building Vandalized - And the scuttlebutt is some of our people did it. What in the hell is wrong with some of us! This is not the way to take care of our problems. If you disagree with HRC, then handle it in some other manner!

Boehner: Hate Crimes Bill Is Offensive - The smell of nonsense is thick in here!

Memo to Pentagon: Can We Talk About "Don't Ask, Don't Tell" or Not? - You gotta be kidding me!

I Don’t Wear Pajamas - About that anti-bloggers comment the White House supposedly said . . .

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Anonymous said...

Parents don't give a crap about their kids, which is why they're willing to let "Harvey Milk Day" become not a formal state holiday, since Government employees won't get the day off, but a "day of significance", since public school kids will be taught to observe it. Teachers will encourage exercises to recall Milk's sodomite, paedophiliac lifestyle and his destructive contributions to the State, namely how he stood for the destruction of the family.

What more reason to ABOLISH PUBLIC SCHOOL do parents need?

BlackTsunami said...

Despite your using my blog to link to your blog, I won't delete your comment. When people read your comments and see your blog, your stridency will do more damage to your cause than anything I can do.

And Harvey Milk did more for the American family than you ever could. He wasn't a pedophile. He was a great American. I support giving him "a day of signficance."