Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Uh oh! Peter LaBarbera and Americans for Truth tries to call out my blog

Mark your calendars because it has finally happened!

Peter LaBarbera actually mentioned me by name in one of his silly anti-lgbt hit pieces. The piece is about Fox News's article on the smears against Kevin Jennings. Apparently LaBarbera didn't like my comments in it:

The fact that Fox reporter Maxim Lott had to go to homosexual activist Alvin McEwen of “Holy Bullies and Headless Monsters” blog — definitely a B-teamer among homosexual activists — is perhaps an indication of Jennings’ declining position. (McEwen is obsessed with bashing AFTAH — he smears us as the equivalent of racists — and he even denies the obvious connection between homosexual behavior and HIV, even as other homosexual militants admit, “HIV is a gay disease.”)

Well I'm honored that he calls me a "B-teamer" because I've never thought of myself as being so high. I'm just a young black gay male from the South with a part-time blog in which I try to expose lies of the religious right.

And Lord knows there are so many of them (and if you want to read about some really bad religious right distortions, check out the Best of links located on the right side of my blog).

I find it ironic that LaBarbera calls attention to my supposed ranking seeing that he is sinking down the religious right food chain faster than the Lusitania after it was hit by the torpedo.

Honestly speaking, if the Southern Poverty Law Center ever labeled LaBarbera's organization (Americans for Truth) as a hate group, it would be an act of charity.

But to answer LaBarbera's charges, I do think of AFTAH and him the same way one would think of racists mostly because of LaBarbera's attempt to smear the lgbt community in general.

Look at what he has written:

(McEwen is obsessed with bashing AFTAH — he smears us as the equivalent of racists — and he even denies the obvious connection between homosexual behavior and HIV, even as other homosexual militants admit, “HIV is a gay disease.”)

LaBarbera's claim about me denying the obvious connection between homosexual behavior and HIV, even as other homosexual militants admit, “HIV is a gay disease" stems from an email argument I had with him regarding a speech he and other religious right members exploited.

Last year, former Gay and Lesbian Task Force head Matt Foreman gave a speech in which he called HIV/AIDS a "gay disease."

However, what Foreman was doing was challenging the lgbt community to do more to fight the spread of the disease, much like noted African-Americans Phil Wilson and Julian Bond challenged the black community to do when they called "HIV/AIDS" "a black disease."

My post on that is here.

I was making the point that LaBarbera and others who used Foreman's words to stigmatize the lgbt community are no different than racists who would use Wilson and Bond's words to smear the black community.

And I want to make it clear that any problem I have with Americans For Truth has nothing to do with the religious beliefs of its founder (i.e. LaBarbera).

My problem lies with LaBarbera's need to rely on stigmatization, junk science (much like this piece in which LaBarbera actually defends the work of the discredited researcher Paul Cameron), and the exploitation of current events to make the lgbt community seem like the bad guy.

Or in other words,  my problem lies with the fact that LaBarbera is a liar. He relies on fear and distortions to make life harder for lgbts (myself included). And then he wraps himself up in the piety of Christian virtue, as if claiming that he is wearing a halo should obsure the fact that he actually has horns and is wielding a pitchfork.

And then he wants to be paid for it via "donations."

He labels what I write about him to be an "obsession," but I call it looking out for my interests and also for the interests of my lgbt brothers and sisters who either are not aware of what's going on or don't have the platform to let everyone know what's going on regarding LaBarbera and the rest of the so-called religious right.

I may be a "B-teamer," but at least I have never had to lie or rely on bad studies to defend myself, the lgbt community, or my personal religious beliefs.

Now I could go on about why LaBarbera has the nickname of "Porno Petey" in the lgbt community but I would rather leave you with an online discussion that I had with him.

It speaks for itself regarding his mindset Notice how LaBarbera sidesteps when asked point blank about negative religious right tactics AND their use of junk science::

Nice try Peter LaBarbera, but you are no hero

Seriously though, seeing who LaBarbera has attacked in the past (i.e. Jeremy Hooper from Wayne Besen, Pam Spaulding of Pam's House Blend, and so many others) I am honored to be in such company of such "radical gay activists."

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Mary O'Grady said...

You'll always be "A-team" to me. :>)

BlackTsunami said...

awww you are so sweet. thanks ;p

Larry Gist said...

I just found your blog through someone on Facebook, and I am VERY impressed. For a "B-teamer" you sure seem to have you A-game going! Great job, you just got a new follower today!

BlackTsunami said...


Thank you so much for your kind words. And I will do my best to bring positive and accurate information for everyone to read on my blog ;p

ColdCountry said...

Pete uses a tactic I've noticed in others who have no foundation for their stands. That is, he has to put the other person down, rather than have a dialog, because he has nothing to discuss. You ask him for an orange, and he figures if he dumps a truck-load of grapefruits on you, you won't notice that there is no orange in the batch. And if you do notice, well, what's wrong with you - just look at all those grapefruits! (Which makes no sense, but is kinda the point.)

libhom said...

LaBarbera is so obsessed with homosexuality. It's disturbing.

Good As You said...

Alvin: I'm with ya. I get a great thrill from Pete's personal attacks.

Plus they always make for an easy post :-)