Friday, January 16, 2009

The Friday before the inauguration . . . and my birthday

As Bush leaves the White House and Obama gets ready to take over, the past eight years is presently rushing through my brain and I am left with one thought:

I bet the new Dixie Chicks album will go quadruple platinum.

Seriously though, it's not all fun and games as these links attest:

Investigation reveals Mormon church severely underreported its contributions in support of Prop 8 - a huuuge "no shit, Sherlock" moment here. Cue the religious right to pull the "Mormons are being persecuted because of their religion" card.

File This Under Knowing Your Concerned Women Enemies - Autumn Sandeen is on point here. One of the main reasons why this so-called cultural war has gone on so long is because of our inability to really study and analyze religious right organizations and not paint every Christian conservative as anti-gay. The problem here is the exploitation of fear and personal beliefs.

Warren praises Obama for inviting homosexual bishop - Based on the comments under this article, the religious right seems to be turning on Warren. Say what you will about Obama's choices, they do make for very enjoyable theater.

Lawsuits Filed Over Rule That Lets Health Workers Deny Care - Bush's goodbye kiss to America. This rule NEEDS to be stopped before it causes everyone some real harm.

Robinson's Participation in Inauguration Might Cause God to Destroy Washington DC - God didn't destroy America after the making of Soul Plane. We don't have a thing to worry about.

On Sunday, I turn a young and vibrant 38. Feel free to email me so I can give you the address where you can send the gifts of money and loose men.

Seriously, this is going to be a working weekend for me. I am hoping to have more posts on bad "research papers" of the religious right. I have several leads that I am hoping pan out.

Tune in here for more details.