Monday, January 19, 2009

One day before the inauguration - Happy MLK Day!!

My birthday yesterday was nice and quiet. I received no gifts but a lot of well wishing from online and personal friends.

Thank you all for your kind words.

As you can tell in the days leading up the Obama's inauguration, I have been flying on one wing i.e. not doing any serious posting.

So why should today be any different?

Seriously though, the following links are things I found very interesting:

HBO, Presidential Inaugural Committee still pointing fingers over invisible Robinson invocation - Geez is there someone on Obama's team who is attempting to sabotage his relationship with the lgbt community? First the Donnie McClurkin thing, then the Rick Warren thing, and now this.

Obama's people need to handle their business. They need to stop tripping over their feet when it comes to dealing with the lgbt community. Despite all of the mess, Obama seems to be doing well by the lgbt community in terms of picking us to serve in the White House. It's a nice start but I want to see more.

But Obama's people need to understand that the visual perception of things are important too. Regardless of how many lgbts Obama appoints to serve in the White House, he is going to catch hell if his people keep giving the inference that they are going to backdoor us in public.

Having said that, I really wish (and I know some folks are going to give it to me for this) that some my fellow lgbt bloggers would stop getting all apoplectic. There is a difference between noticing a problem and throwing in the chips at the first sign of a small roadblock.

And most of all, when you post comments and then feel the need to insult your one-time online friends simply because they disagree, then you have anger issues. Perhaps you need to sit down with some soft music and a pint of mocha fudge ice cream instead of portraying a low-budget online version of Jean-Paul Marat.

I certainly think we should be vocal when we are treated wrong, but I don't like how some of us get so strident that we turn on each other. It's not a vigorous disagreement when someone accuses you of selling out simply because you don't agree totally with their ideas.

Remember, it was that "you are either with us or against us" bullshit that screwed up Bush.

The Top 43 Appointees Who Helped Make Bush The Worst President Ever - That new Dixie Chick album is looking more and more like a best seller.

Inaugural Committee will rebroadcast Robinson on Mall - Just thought I would mention that. By no means am I saying that we need to lighten pressure when we are treated wrong. And I am NOT giving Obama's people any pass. If there are any screw ups here, we got problems.

Obama naysayers speak out - WAAAAAH! You didn't give Bush a chance. What bullshit. He was elected president twice. THAT was his chance and he screwed it up. But to serve notice - if we implode, it will be these jackals who will be picking our bones.

Obama 'clueless' to shut down Gitmo - Oh no! Obama shouldn't shut down 'Gitmo.' It wouldn't be the Christian thing to do, unlike torture.

Saturday Night Live: A Couple of Homies - In Superbowl 39, singer Janet Jackson accidentally shows a bit of her breast and the country went nuts. Now comedian Will Forte shows a full view of his ass (2:23 - and what a nice ass it is) and no one says a word.

My, we have come far!!